Car hire and Campervan hire in Rockingham and Mandura

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A car or a campervan is a great way to experience the regions of Mandurah and Rockingham. You can save on accommodation and transportation cost when you hire a campervan to experience both these locations.  


Rockingham is located 47 kilometres from Perth and is a popular holiday destination. You will get a chance to enjoy beaches sheltered waters, incredible views, coves, limestone rocks, reef areas, and shopping precincts.  You can take to the open roads in comfort and style, by hiring a car or campervan.


Traveling in a fully equipped campervan gives you the independence and freedom that cannot be beaten by conventional methods of spending your holidays. You can also enjoy the clear water and the sands of the amazing locations on offer

Aquatic playground

Rockingham is an aquatic playground that is the ideal location for sailing, diving, snorkelling, and swimming. It is one of Perth’s best-kept secrets. It is a beautiful Marine Park region where you can get a chance to swim with the Dolphins and make a visit to the Penguin Island while you are on the way.


Mandurah is a city located in Western Australia which is located 72 km south west of Perth. There are many activities that you can take advantage of and the best way to do it is by hiring a car or a campervan.


There are many benefits when traveling by a campervan. It is easy to drive as a car and you can find a great place to dine with cooking facilities that are your own. You can have your meal in a place of your choosing and have it at that particular location.

Your choice

You will not need to set up anything as with tent camping. Once you reach a location you can cook or make a cup of tea. You will also feel safer inside the campervan as you will be able to lock the door and protected from critter intruders and bad weather.

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