Coach Tour Perth to Broome Price Guide

Coach Tour Perth to Broome Price Guide

Best Coach Tour Perth to Broome Price Guide

Are you ready to go on a spectacular adventure from Perth to Broome? You’ll encounter coastal wonders and rugged landscapes.

You can catch a bus with Integrity Coach Lines  for ticket prices starting from 310 AUD. Their buses depart from Wellington St Forrest Place. Prepare well for long distance travel and stock up on snacks and all your travel creature comforts. You’ll be travelling for almost 35 hours.

Get a Hop on and hop off Pass

Integrity coach lines offer hop on and hop off passes all the way to Broome. The 6000km pass is the one you need to pick, to go on your Broome adventure.

  • It’ll cost you 750 AUD and
  • Passes are valid for 12 months

 It may seem a little extravagant but it is cheaper than flying.

What to Pack for the Trip 

  • Pack light (you don’t want to be lugging extra loads around)
  • Bring a neck pillow and a jacket to drape around you when you sleep in the bus
  • Bring earplugs and an eye mask
  • Bring tissue

Don’t forget to take off your shoes and relax when you travel. They usually make 10 minute stops at decent intervals. Make use of these pauses to stretch your legs and grab some snacks.  

What you’ll Spend on Accommodation

  • Hostel dorm rooms cost an average of 22 AUD per night
  • Private double room cost range from 77 AUD to 80 AUD per night
  • Standard hotel charges are around 85 AUD per night
  • Camping costs range from 15 to 30 AUD per night
  • Homestays cost around 50 AUD per night

If you plan on camping, bringing your own tent will help you cut down on the cost. But, this may not be the most practical way to budget, if you are travelling by coach.

If you seek a little more comfort such as your own private bathroom and TV, prepare to spend around 75 to 115 AUD.

What you’ll Spend on Food

To be honest, food doesn’t come cheap in Broome. After all, it is a far away land and transporting goods is expensive.

  • A decent restaurant meal will cost around 20 AUD or more
  • Get a grab and go sandwich for around 7 AUD
  • You can live on fast food for around 15 AUD per meal (vegetables, meat, pasta and basic ingredients)
  • Cooking your own meals will cost you around 100 AUD for a week

Happy Travels!

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