Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham

Backpacker Day Trips from Perth Western Australia

Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham

Mandurah Tours, Book Today, Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham

Dolphin & Scenic Marine Cruise
The Pirate Cruise
Murray River Lunch Cruise
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 1
Magical Christmas Lights Cruise – Tickets for Boat 2
Catch and Eat Crab Tour
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (60 Minutes)
Hillarys – Ocean Blast Tour (30 Minutes)
ZARCHIVED Sunset Cruise
Mandurah – Awesome Estuary Tour (60 Minutes)
Mandurah – Extreme Open Ocean Tour
Dolphin Island Adventure
Mandurah Canal Cruise & Caversham Wild Life Park (Optional Lunch)
Mandurah Dolphins, Chocolate & Fremantle Tour
Mandurah Canals & Dolphin Watch Tour
Penguin Island & Mandurah Canal Cruise



Rockingham Tours, Book Now

Swim with Wild Dolphins (meet the boat in Rockingham)
Swim with Wild Dolphins (including Perth CBD & Burswood Crown Hotel transfers)
Dolphin Swim Tour – A Lifetime Experience
Penguin Island Adventure Tour
nice places to visit in Mandurah
Beautiful sun sets in Mandurah Now known as the modern-day Venice, Mandurah’s canals, winding rivers, pretty lakes and 134 km² of calm inland waterways make it the ideal destination to enjoy all kinds of activities on or near the water. As soon as you arrive in Mandurah, you feel relaxed and get this instant holiday feeling. Because in Mandurah, we’re relaxed by nature.

Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham

Fremantle is located just south of Perth and is accessible through a 25-minute train journey from the city center or a 30-minute drive along Stirling Highway. There are several choices for getting from Perth airport to Perth city, and from Perth city to Fremantle. To get to Fremantle directly, take a taxi or the shuttle bus.

Fremantle, once an independent town, has long been devoured by Perth’s growing tentacles, although many of its historical roots remain. Discover it through a tour of its prison, a beer at its famous brewery, and a photo with a rock ‘n’ roll legend who grew up in its vibrant streets.

As you approach Fremantle from the east and north, you’ll notice the Rainbow. A vibrant welcome to the port city. It is made up of nine recycled sea containers that have been joined together to form an arch. The sea containers are colorful and creative, forming the shape of a giant rainbow as a universal symbol of hope and inspiration.

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Things To Do In Fremantle

Southwest of Perth lies the port city of Fremantle, full of harbor-side restaurants and charming markets, where fish and chips are as common as the warm, sunny days you wake up to. It takes just 20 minutes on the train from Perth, making for an easy day out, but you might just find yourself staying for a long weekend with the abundance of things to do in Fremantle.

Fremantle Markets

Things to Do in Fremantle This Spring
Every weekend at Fremantle Markets, watch the eclectic mix of locals and tourists, smell the unique aromas of fresh produce and exotic flavors, and witness the fascinating fusion of music, art, and culture come together. At the Fremantle Markets, you can immerse yourself in over a century of remarkable history and feel the distinct Fremantle vibe.

Fremantle Markets, located on the corner of South Terrace and Henderson Street, trades on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The Yard opens at 8 am and hosts the majority of food stalls including bakeries, fruit & veg, Caribbean cuisine, and sweet treats. Meanwhile, The Hall, opening doors at 9 am, sells more homewares, books and beauty products.

You can also find a hairdresser’s, masseuse, and tarot card readings. If the buzz of the markets appeals to you, settle in Jus Burgers in the corner of The Hall and devour one of Australia’s most famous burgers. It also boasts great people watching and a fantastic backdrop of alternating buskers.

Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour

Things To Do In Fremantle This Weekend
Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs, and a boutique brewery are all located at Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour, making it a must-see for anyone visiting the port city. The harbour is a fully operational fishing port, which means fresh fish is always available – in fact, a fresh seafood market sells directly to the public.

Bustling The Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is the perfect place to try some of the city’s famous fish and chips. When you’d rather be out in the sunshine, there’s nothing better than a walk along the harbor. Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour is a picturesque blend of cafes during the day and nightclubs after sundown; fisherman working to supply the local eateries with fresh produce and the boutique Little Creatures brewery serving frothy goodness to the public.

You’re unlikely to find anywhere as relaxing as the harbor, but it’s also a departure point for one of the more adrenaline-pumping activities in the city.

Jet Boat And Whale Watching

Westcoast Jet speeds off from the harbor into the distant Indian Ocean on board Okiedokie, for a thrilling ride you won’t forget in a hurry. Two trips on offer; the Ocean Encounter provides 20 minutes of jet boating complete with a dousing of water, while Whale Watching enables passengers to get up close to the majestic giants of the blue planet.

Okiedokie is the only vessel in Fremantle offering this wild water ride, and every paying adult can get on board at a great discount just for mentioning BBM when making a booking through phone (0403 606 033) or email ([email protected]). Ocean Encounter is $40 instead of $50, and Whale Watching is $50 instead of $70.

Jet Boat Ride
As you spin 360 degrees and rip through the sea, feel the rush of a high-speed jet boat ride. Our jet boats are designed specifically to transport passengers of all shapes and sizes, with industry-leading comfort and safety features as a top priority. Full-padded seats and form-fitting life jackets keep you comfortable and safe without making you feel like a sardine in a can.

Fish And Chips

When you’re soaked to the skin and have memories to last a lifetime, get your feet firmly back on solid ground with tea at Cicerellos. Since its beginnings in 1903, this iconic fish and chip shop has become famous throughout WA, serving delicious fresh-from-the-ocean seafood including oysters, prawns, crab, mussels, flounder and barramundi. Marvel at the aquarium that spans the entire length of the kitchen, holding more than 20,000 litres of water to create a mini-ecosystem of local marine life.

Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham
When you visit a Cicerello’s restaurant, we invite you to explore the one-of-a-kind stories we’ve carefully curated, from iconic WA memorabilia to the traditional menu that heroes prepare. Our customers can learn about marine life while dining or sitting along the harbour in one of WA’s largest private free aquariums.

If Fremantle grabs you and you can’t bear to depart, there’s plenty of accommodation so you don’t have to rush off. From friendly easy-on-the-budget hostels to luxurious hotels easy on the eye, there’s something for everyone because everyone is welcome.

Enjoy yourself in Fremantle whichever way you please; take an easy day trip from the CBD or invest in a relaxing weekend away; spend your time sampling local food, drink and music, or explore art galleries and museums, before a historic tram ride around the port; relax with a coffee or scream with excitement on board a jet boat.

Day Trip to Mandurah From Fremantle

Day Trip Mandurah Day Trip Fremantle Day Trip Rockingham
Mandurah is considered to be the unofficial gateway to the South West and possesses a variety of tourist attractions, most of which are located near the water. It is a major fishing and crabbing area in Western Australia, with the city well known for the blue manna crab (Portunus pelagicus) with a festival held in early March known as Crabfest.