Day Trip to Rottnest Island Western Australia

Day Trip to Rottnest Island Western Australia

Few destinations in Australia can compete with Rottnest’s easy access to beaches, wildlife, outdoor adventure, family enjoyment, and living history. It’s a fantastic holiday spot that’s only a short distance from either Perth or Fremantle. A lot of visitors travel to Rottnest Island with the intention of doing nothing! The white-sand beaches here are ideal for sunbathing.

You can ferry out to Rottnest Island in the morning and return in the afternoon on a day trip to Rottnest Island in Western Australia. Fantastic food and drink are highlights of each Rottnest experience. Almost everyone on Rottnest travels by bicycle, although there are some fantastic walking pathways as well.

Getting around in Rottnest

The island does not have any cars and it can be best explored with two wheels. If you do not want to cruise around with a bicycle, you can get into a Rottnest Explorer which is a bus service. You can hop on and hop off the bus which will circuit around the whole island.

Things to do in Rottnest

Most of the activities that can be done at the island center on bicycles, natural attractions, and spectacular beaches. You can go to the Visitor’s Centre in Rottnest if you are visiting the Island for the first time and get all the information that you need

Go to the Beaches and Bays

Rottnest comprises of 63 bays and beaches. Visiting them will depend on the time, weather, and the wind. Some of the famous beaches and bays include the Basin, Salmon Bay, Pinky Beach, Parakeet Bay, and Armstrong Bay.


You can get a selfie with a quokka.

smiling quokka
The cutest thing on the planet. Day Trip to Rottnest Island Western Australia.

Watch the Seals

You can see the seals in Cathedral Rock. You can enjoy watching the playful seals for hours.


Rottnest has one of the best spots for snorkelling in the state. You can follow the underwater trails at Little Salmon and Parker Point.

Hike Wadjemup

If you love to hike and want to see the best of the island, you can explore using the network of these trails

Play Golf

Rottnest has a country club and an 18-hole golf course.

Underwater Sub Explorer

Explore what’s under the ocean with a glass bottom boat.

Go Skydiving

See Rottnest from the Sky.


You can visit the lighthouse located on the Island.

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