Day Trip To York

Day Trip to Rockingham from Mandurah

York Motor Museum

You will get to visit a museum full of racing bikes, classic cars and motorcycles. Yes, it is only possible if you come to York in Western Australia. Established in 1979, the museum has a complete collection of automobiles from around the world. Imagine yourself in a motor exhibition with all the vintage cars around you.

Skydive in York

One of the most popular activities in York is skydiving. It is not for everyone and if you have a phobia of heights, sit this one out. For the adventurers and thrill seekers, book your skydiving package online. You will get to see the entire town from the sky above.

Mount Brown Lookout

Perfect for sunset views and family picnics, you will not want to miss the excitement here. Be prepared to take your camera and snap a photo of you posing at the top. While taking pictures, watch your steps.

Avon River Suspension Bridge

This is one bridge you need to experience for yourself while you are in York. The bridge is solid and stable, so do not be afraid of the height and the river beneath it. Overcome your fear and cross the bridge.

York Town Hall

This heritage listed town hall is one of the iconic buildings in York. The town hall was built in 1911 and was later renovated in 2000. If you need information about accommodations, places to visit in Western Australia or where to eat, you can refer to the staff at the visitor center.

Peace Park Markets

Every month on the second Saturday, the Peace Park will be packed with crowds. You will get to see what the locals are up too while taking a walk in the park. Besides, you get to buy items at a reasonable price. From local produce to handicrafts, it is a great place to hang out over the weekend.

Day trip from Perth to York