Day Trips from Perth to York Toodyay Northam Dowerin Tours Mundaring State Forest

Day Trips from Perth to York Toodyay Northam Dowerin Tours Mundaring State Forest

Day trips from Perth to York

Northam, York, and Toodyay are vintage towns and visiting these locations is a great way to explore the charming Avon valley.  You can explore the country towns, visit museums and craft shops, go air ballooning and set out on bush walks.


Toodyay is located about 85 km from Perth. It is nestled between the banks of the Avon River and scenic hills. The uniqueness of this town is its veranda clad shops and pub while being a perfect example for 19th-century architecture.

When you go further you can enjoy beautiful sceneries and there are also many country roads to travel on. You will find lavender fields, olive groves, local artisans old, and new vineyards producing unique blends.


York is the first inland European settlement in Western Australia and was established in 1831. It is located 97 km east of Perth. There is a wide range of experiences on offer that includes wine festivals to country racing.  


It is only an hour away for Perth city and is an ideal base to explore the Avon Valley. It is the largest inland town in Western Australia and is home to over 185 Heritage listed buildings. You will also find  many restaurants and cafes for fine dining.

Enjoy hot air ballooning, white water rafting, and hand gliding while you are there. The Avon River flows through the town and you can picnic on the riverside and observe the elegant white swan which was brought by the settlers 150 years ago.

Day trip to Northam

The Avon River

One of the town’s truly great attractions is the Avon River. The river is home to the unusual white swans. The Avon River in Northam is the only place in Australia where these large birds have found a natural breeding ground. At present, there are about 80 of these birds on the river.

Suspension Bridge

Another attraction on the Avon is the Suspension Bridge which crosses the river near the Fitzgerald Street Bridge. The locals proudly claim that their suspension bridge is the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in Australia.

Northam Heritage Trail

There is an excellent and very detailed Northam/Katrine Heritage Trail booklet which includes three trails ie 2 km town walk which includes the Post Office, Town Hall, Clearview House, St John’s Church, the Northam Club, and Shamrock Hotel;

A 4 km town drive includes the Flour Mill, West Northam Station Museum, St James Anglican Church, the Club Tavern, Byfield House and Mitchell House and the 16 km drive along the banks of the river to Katrine.

Mitchell House

Mitchell House, on the corner of Hawes and Duke streets it is another Italianate mansion built in 1905 for Sir James Mitchell, who was the local member of Parliament from 1905 to 1933.

Morby Cottage

On Cemetery Road heading north out of town is Morby Cottage which was built out of mud brick and hessian sacking in 1836. It is the oldest building in the area. The cottage is currently run by the town council. It is open on Sundays from 10.30 –4 pm.

Buckland Homestead

Heading north on the Katrine and Irishtown Roads the traveler passes the huge Buckland homestead which was built in 1874 and is regarded by many as the most majestic home in the state. It certainly is a marvelous example of  Victorian architecture. It now houses valuable collections of art and antiques.

Dowerin Western Australia

Dowerin is a town 156 kilometers north-east of Perth in the central Wheatbelt region of Western Australia servicing the surrounding wheat and sheep farmers. It is teetering on the edge of survival with a number of shops having closed, the town being particularly sleepy has developed a number of overt attempts at attracting tourists including the Tin Dog on the main road and the unusual park over the road from the Tin Dog which features three wise monkeys and some Chinese statues.

Things to See and Do

Dowerin Museum,Dowerin GWN7 Machinery Field Days and the Tin Dog.


Prior to European settlement the area had been occupied for tens of thousands of years by the Ballardong Aboriginal people.

There is a useful local council website – – with information about the local area.


The region of Mundaring is best known as the Heart of the Perth Hills. It offers amazing trails, spectacular State forest, arts, history and culture – all within a 40-minute drive from the Perth city.  If you are looking for things to do in the Perth Hills, then Mundaring is a great place to start.

Mundaring is one of 11 distinct villages within the Shire of Mundaring, covering an area of 644sqkm of which one-third is State Forest

Things to do in Mundaring

Mundaring is home to the historic Mundaring Weir, plenty of National Parks and State Forest and some of Western Australia’s top walk and cycle trails, including the long distance Bibbulmun Track and Munda Biddi Trail.The area is also recognised for its creative community, with art studios and galleries to explore in its local villages.    

Mundaring State forest

Distance from Perth: 40 km

Size: 130000 hectares of state forest

Mundaring Weir is a dam which contains the Helena River Reservoir.To prevent contamination, access to the reservoir is restricted as it serves as drinking water for the goldfield.The dam itself is a tourist attraction and access to the top of the dam is allowed.


Mundaring Weir and state forest have lookouts, rocky outcrops small and large, small cascades/waterfalls and an abundance of wild life. You can see kangaroos, emus, reptiles and plenty of native birds when visiting Mundaring Weir and the state forest.

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