Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks

Day trips from Perth 2022
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Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks

Day trips from Perth
Perth is one of those cities in Australia that is close to many things wonderful. Surrounded by many compelling destinations, Perth is a great city to plan those perfect day trips. Whether you are an adventure junkie or enjoy the calm, day trips can be tailor-made to suit your tastes. The best part about day outings is the spontaneity attached to it. It would be best if you did not worry about details such as lodging and taking extra days off. If ever you find yourself with a day to spare, all you need to do is get dressed, jump in your ride and prepare yourself for an exciting adventure. Below is a collection of a few of the most popular day trip destinations from Perth.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks  and Serpentine Falls

Picturesque and ever inviting, the Serpentine enjoys a reputation among day trippers. This national park is just one hour south of Perth making it a massive hit among the locals and residents of the city. The Park has a tranquil ambiance about it, but during the weekends it can get pretty crowded. Known above all for the swimming facilities, the Serpentine National Park is paradise during summer.

Hidden gem

For a long time, this park was like a hidden gem in Perth but the secret is out now, and the place has made its way into the list of the most popular spots for a day outing. In addition to all the swimming and the relaxation that awaits its visitors, the park is excellent for nature lovers in general. There are several great trails for hiking, and the picturesque scenery you will come across along the way is among the best in the country.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks and  The Pinnacles

Strange golden out-crops -not from the ocean, but instead sprouting from land; that is what the Pinnacles have in store. A combination of unique and bizarre even, the Pinnacles -which is part of the Nambung National Park, is one of those attractions which have to be seen to be fully appreciated. Located just a couple of hours north of Perth city, this attraction is an ideal destination for a day out. You could also combine a trip to the Pinnacles with stop-overs at Jurien Bay and  both of which are very picturesque seaside towns.

Stay overnight

If ever you spontaneously decide to stay overnight and head back home the following day, the cities mentioned above have many overnight accommodation options available. Intrigued by the Pinnacles? Then make a day out of it. Plan your getaway to this part of town sometime between August and October. Also, the weather is mild and pleasant at this time, fresh blooms of beautiful wildflowers will greet you. Go during the sunset or at least stay on here till then. For the mosaic of colors illuminating the sky combined with the striking colors of the sandy monoliths is an absolute work of art at this time of the day.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks and  the port city of Fremantle

Then you have Freemantle. Unlike your conventional nature escapes this has more of an urban touch to it. Whether you are big on day trips or not, a visit to Freemantle from Perth is an absolute must. Freemantle is a small town that is situated somewhere in the south of Swan River. It only takes about half an hour to get to Freemantle from Perth, and you can either drive to this destination or take a train from Perth to Freemantle. For those of you who are tourists in Perth, the train rides give you an added experience of a whole new mode of travel. Freemantle has a vintage charm to it.

Quirky Fremantle

Adorned with everything from boutique shops, quirky cafes and fascinating street art this is an exciting place to explore on foot. Freemantle also happens to be a historic port city thanks to its convenient location on the Indian Ocean. So if you want a little time travel to the yesteryears of this region, you have come to the right place. Adorned with historic buildings and a couple of iconic shipping cravens, Freemantle represents development in an almost artistic fashion. So bring your camera and make your memories; Freemantle does not disappoint.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks and Rottnest Island

On a day trip Freemantle you can add the Rottnest Island to your itinerary. After all, Rottnest Island is just an express ferry away from Freemantle and if you are a tourist on this day trip, experiencing Rottnest’s Express ferry is all part of the adventure. Rottnest Island adds a touch of nature to vintage Freemantle and is famous above all else for its cute little Quokkas. As you may already be aware, the wonders of Australia’s wildlife need no introduction. In a nutshell, they are unique and unlike the animals found in any other part of the globe. Quokkas again belong to this category. With a face that looks like they are smiling, Quokkas have earned the reputation of being the ‘happiest’ little creatures on earth! While you make a day out of your Quokka adventures, don’t forget to click a selfie with these ‘smiling’ fellows.

Rottnest is a peaceful relaxed place

In addition to their friendly residents, Rottnest Island is a peaceful place for a day out. Unlike a conventional commercial island, motorized vehicles are minimally used here making cycling one of the best ways to explore the area. If you are a fitness freak who has been devouring good food day after day, all you need to do is visit the Rottnest Island, and you can burn your guilt away! Rottnest Island is an unspoiled haven for nature lovers and has plenty of hidden treasures in store.

Cycle around the Island

So cycle anywhere your heart takes you and discovers hidden places that may even be perhaps spots that no one else has traversed before. Don’t miss the age-old lighthouse and the stunning views from Rottnest Island. If you want to add some adventure to your excursion, dip into the sparkling blue waters and try a little bit of snorkeling.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks access from Perth, Hilary’s and Fremantle

For those interested in making a day trip to the Rottnest Island directly from Perth you can grab a Fast Ferry from the Hilary’s Boat Harbor which is on the north of Perth. Both bikes, as well as gear required for snorkeling, can be hired from the ferry operators itself.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks like Yanchep National Park

If you want a good dose of Australian wildlife, there is always the option of making a day trip to the Yanchep National Park. Being one of the country’s oldest and most established national park, here you can find a variety of native species. If the Quokka at the Rottnest Island got you excited, imagine what the rest of Australia’s native species would do to you! Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Australian traveler, you will find the wildlife in this part of the world unique and worthy of admiration.

Friendly Kangaroos and Koala’s

There are Kangaroos here; a friendly bunch quite used to the company of human visitors. You can also spot on a branch somewhere the occasional Koala or two, but these fellows are often sleeping than doing anything else ( Koala’s are not native ot Western Australia). For the nature enthusiast, there is plenty to keep one entertained here. If you pick one of the walking trails for a stroll you are likely to encounter a plethora of flora and fauna and to top this, the surroundings are calm, and the scenery is picturesque. Located just 40 minutes from the city of Perth, visiting this park is indeed a fun and relaxing option for a day trip whether you are traveling with children or not.

Day trips from Perth to New Norcia

New Norcia is a town that gives travelers an entirely different take on day trips. New Norcia is a monastic town which was set up by the Benedictine Monks and happens to be the only one of its kind in all of Australia. It is 132 km north of the city; this destination only 2 hours away by car. New Norcia has a distinct spiritual vibe to it which visitors find appealing regardless of their personal beliefs. The set up here is without a doubt unique, and even the buildings and the exquisite scenery contribute to its soothing ambiance. You can spend a good full day strolling around New Norcia. In addition to the many things you can see here, there is quite a bit of learning opportunity as well. While you explore North Norcia, don’t miss out on the museum and the art gallery here. If you want to get some information on how North Norcia came to be you can find out everything you need to know from these places.

Day trips from Perth to beaches, hills and wilderness parks Lake Clifton

Another scenic spot near Perth, the Lake Clifton is not surprisingly a favorite choice when it comes to day trips. Now this attraction is located somewhere in the Peel region all the way in the south of Perth and many visitors interested in covering Lake Clifton usually combine it with a stopover at Bunbury and Mandurah; both of which are rather interesting towns to explore. However, even if the two cities are in your itinerary, the highlight of your trip would nevertheless be Lake Clifton; for the beauty and rarity of this attraction cannot be compared. What makes Lake Clifton so unique is the presence of thrombolites. These are microorganisms which happens to be one of the oldest creatures on earth. If you are a science buff, you would know that Lake Clifton is one of the very few places on earth where these creatures can be spotted. If you are keen on sighting some thrombolites take a stroll down the boardwalk across the lake. The many smooth rocks that you would see carpeting the surface of the seabed are the creatures!

Day trips from Perth to the Perth Hills

Perth has many scenic destinations close by, among which you can find the breathtaking Perth Hills. Has manLocated right behind the city, these hills offer the ideal setting for a perfect escape from Perth. Adorned with viewpoints and walking tracks this attraction gives the best dose of nature making it tranquility wrapped in a bow. If you want a quick getaway for peaceful scenery and some relaxation, it does not get better than the Perth Hills. Even though access to the Perth Hills may not be too consuming it helps to note that the many attractions found here demand an excellent full day from your side. You will find the most remarkable scenery and the most beautiful collection of flora and fauna. Since the Perth Hills as a whole covers a large area, select a small spot and confine your adventure to it. That way you can do justice to the area you have chosen and enjoy it to the fullest.
To start, spend a little time in Kalamunda which has a very famous weekend market where you can grab the freshest produce. However, you also have the option of passing through the Mundaring Weir which is known for its unparalleled scenery. If you are keen on collecting those instant worthy pictures the latter is a better route to take.

Day trips from Perth to The Beach

Who does not love a day trip to the beach? Unsophisticated and straightforward, for many a quick trip to a beach on the outskirts of Perth does the trick. If you find all else to be too much planning and too much hassle, pick your favorite beach, grab your swimwear, and you are good to go. Cottesloe beach, for instance, is just a short drive from Perth city and is a favorite pick any time of the year. Adorned with sparkling blue waters and crystal white sands this beach is just as beautiful to look at as it is to take a dip. Try City Beach or Scarborough, for surfing. Apart from basking by the beautiful blue, there is a little more you can do if you pick a place like Woodmans Point.
Further south, this beach is famous thanks to the reserve situated behind it. For those interested in adding a picnic or some fishing to plain beach fun, this is one of the best spots out there. So pack your swimwear, flip-flops, beach hat, shades, and sunscreen and create an unforgettable day trip out of your favorite coastlines.
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