Farm Jobs for Backpackers

Farm Jobs for Backpackers in Western Australia

The two year working holiday being available to most nationalities has made Australia has become one of the popular locations for backpackers in recent years. In addition to the visa you get an opportunity to visit Australia and the great climate and flights from around the world also attracts backpackers to Perth..

How to get a Backpacker Job 

Beware of Farm work scammers targeting backpackers

Backpackers arriving in Australia are unlikely to have contacts to find a job immediately therefore a  labor hiring company can connect backpackers with companies in Perth and following a registration/induction with the team they can assign them to a job meeting their skill set.

Types of Farm Jobs

Possible jobs include most farm work, so basically everything from harvesting veggies to planting trees and working with animals. More generic jobs on farms, work on fishing boats or mines, or craftmanship in regional areas might also be accepted. There’s a broad choice.

What you Need to Have to Get a Job in WA

White Card

To get a job in the construction industry a person should have the white card which shows that the general construction induction with necessary training and assessments have been completed.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

To work safely the relevant Personal Protective Equipment is needed.

Right Attitude

To find work and impress on site you will need to have the right attitude. 

Trade Qualification

If you have trade qualifications from another country then you may be able to continue working in that trade in Australia while on a Temporary Visa. Bring a copy of the trade certificate as it is required to show that an overseas apprenticeship was completed. 


Some skilled roles and all trade jobs require you to have the right tools for the job.  

Farm work

There are many companies offering farm jobs and working closely with clients and candidates in Western Australia to place casual, short-term and permanent workers in farm jobs and other agriculture positions across all regions of the state.

Places of work

There are opportunities for farm work near Perth, Fremantle, Esperance, Geraldton, Mandurah, Busselton or Bunbury, or elsewhere in Western Australia. , You can find a job based on your skills and experience.

Agriculture Regions

The team supplies farm workers to all 10 agriculture regions in Western Australia: the Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Midwest, Wheatbelt, Perth, Peel, South West, Great Southern and Goldfields.

Types of Farm Work

You can find work in mixed vegetable crops, strawberry farms, poultry farms and grain storage facilities too.

Wild West

In the wild west you can find farm work year round, depending on which region you choose. During the Australian summer southwestern region (e.g. Margaret River) is recommended while the main season for the north west (e.g. Broome) is April – September. In the south you might work at a winery, while in the North you could collect mangoes. You could even find a job in a fishery, so grab a rod.

Earning Potential

Even after securing the second year visa, many backpackers return to farm work due to its amazing earning potential. Usually, farm work is either paid on an hourly basis, or by how much fruit is picked. This means that the harder and longer you work, the more you’ll earn. Some jobs offer weekly/monthly salaries ranging between $800-$1200 per week, but this is less common.

Hourly Rate

The average hourly rate for farm work is between $20-25 per hour, with the national minimum wage being $18.93. It’s common for backpackers to earn over $1,000 per week during their time on the farm. It is an ideal method to boost your travel fund.

Australia Farm Work Hostels

Want to meet other backpackers while someone else organises your farm work? It sounds too good to be true, but it is possible in what are known as working hostels. There are lots of them in South Australia and even more along the East Coast, like Central Backpackers in Coffs Harbour. The hostel owners keep in touch with local farms and correspondingly allocate jobs.


If the outdoors and physical labor is not your liking remember that all farm work doesn’t involve harvesting and picking. Employment in a farm business can include (but is not limited to) work in packing sheds, data entry, lab work and cleaning. Tailor your application to suit your strengths and interests. Be honest as to why your looking for that kind of farm work and your availability time frames.

Understand your Rights

Overall, people who do agricultural work in Australia have a great experience – meeting new people, working outdoors and putting money in their pockets.


If you work in a farm you can get an additional one year holiday work visa. 

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