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Rout Suggestion – Perth to The PinnaclesDistance – 211 kmEstimated Travel Time – 2 hr 53 minutes
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Discover the naturally formed attraction famously known as The Pinnacles.

If you have found yourself in the wonderfully beautiful city of Perth, you will undoubtedly be wandering where to be headed for your adventurous kicks. Everything between Perth and Broome is waiting to blow your and one of the many mind blowing attractions is The Pinnacles.

A laid back fishing village, Cervantes is just a short trip north from Perth along the Indian Ocean Drive. Besides the beaches, the highlight of Cervantes is without a doubt the Pinnacles.

Mysterious, eerie, haunting, a natural wonder – the Pinnacles of Nambung National Park are just one of Western Australia’s incredible rock formations. Limestone spires that jut out of the yellow sand, these may look like they’re more suited to outer space, but the Pinnacles were created over thousands of years from broken-down seashells blown in from the ocean.
The Pinnacles now receive over 250,000 visitors per year, drawn by their shadows, colour and sheer number of columns. The Pinnacles Discovery Centre can show you more about the formations with interactive displays, videos and more, but the best experience is undoubtedly on a helicopter flight – you can’t beat this unique perspective of the rocks from the air.

There’s more to Cervantes than just being the gateway to the Pinnacles.

Fishing is really popular, especially at Hangover Bay and Kangaroo Point thanks to the offshore reefs. Meanwhile, romantics can enjoy a sunset boat tour with the possibility of being joined by sea lions and dolphins. And if it’s views you’re looking for, Thirsty Point Lookout will reward you after a walk through the sand dunes.

Nearby Attractions Before Arriving.

Guilderton – This place is truly an untouched haven. It is primarily a holiday town and only gets busy in the summer. It has a stunning beach as well as a river which sometimes breaks into the sea, forming a natural water slide straight into the shore break waves.

Lancelin – This place is usually every backpackers first “go to” when travelling from Perth to Broome. It has glorious beaches and is famous for fishing. Amazingly, there is somewhat of an unexpected miniature desert in the back garden of the town. This calls everyone to go sand boarding down the gigantic sand dunes.

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Try sand boarding in Lancelin on your way through to the Pinnacles

Wizzing down the sand dunes in Lancelin: just south of the Pinnacles

Travelling to The Pinnacles from Perth or Broome.

The Pinnacles is just one of the many attractions that Integrity Coach Lines stops at, so why not head north from Perth and spend some time visiting one of the most famous places in the world. The local town; Cervantes, offers you plenty to see and do, and if you love the idea of getting out to sea and catching some fish with your friends, then this place has your name on it.
If you’re looking for an affordable way to travel up and down WA’s coastline then we suggest taking advantage of a company such as Integrity Coach Lines which offer a hop-on-hop-off pass so you can travel at your own pace and spend as much time as you like in each destination.

Finding Accommodation in Cervantes.

To accommodate the year-round visitors to the area, Cervantes has a range places to stay including Pinnacles Edge Resort, Cervantes Pinnacles Motel and Cervantes Holiday Homes.

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Top 5 Day Tours After Your Visit to The Pinnacels

Snorkelling in Jurien Bay

Sky Diving in Jurien Bay

Sand boarding in Lancelin

Quad Biking on Wagoe Beach

Fishing Charters

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