Get Carried Away At Kalbarri

Kalbarri National Park

Get carried away at Kalbarri. There’s much to see on a coach from Perth to Broome, and with lots of scheduled stops along the way, you can explore WA as you make your way north.

Kalbarri National Park welcomes all adventurers. Being dropped off at the Binnu General Store (78 kms from Kalbarri), you’ll either need to pre book the Kalbarri Shuttle (08 9937 1430) or arrange your own tour to get to Kalbarri National Park.

Things to Do at Kalbarri

Depending on your budget, activity level and whether or not you have a thirst for adrenaline sports, there’s lots to do at this stunning national park to suit all tastes and interests.

Take in the vast views through Nature’s Window, feel dwarfed by the dizzying rock faces, or transcend to tranquility by the rivers and creeks.

Abseiling, kayaking, canoeing and hiking are all on offer at Kalbarri, so you will want to book any tours accordingly to include any activities you want alongside a tour of the park.

Kalbarri Tours & Activities

Kalbarri Air Charters
Get a bird’s eye view of Kalbarri with a scenic flight.

Abseil Kalbarri
Have a face to face with Kalbarri’s ancient gorges as you scale dizzying rock faces.

Kalbarri Adventure Tours
Canoe the winding river through deep gorges, or hike the vast landscape with local tour guides to find out more about the authentic history of the area.

Skydive Kalbarri
The ultimate adrenaline rush, an exhilarating sky dive is not for the faint hearted, but you will be guaranteed epic views!

Sandboarding Kalbarri
Try out the fast growing adventure sport as you take to the dunes at Kalbarri for a fast, fun ride!

Once you’re done exploring the park make your way back to the Binnu General store either via the Kalbarri Shuttle or your tour operator to hop back on your coach north to Broome or south back to Perth. Get carried away at Kalbarri.

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