Hilton Bowling club gig on Friday

Hilton Park Bowling Club Wal*Tones GIG

The Waltones Gig, live entertainment near Fremantle, Hamilton Hill and Beaconsfield

What’s on in Hilton Bowling club on 22 February 2019?  

Mix of Alt country, Americana, cow-punk comes to Hilton Bowling club

The Waltones Gig, a night not to miss.

Tex-mex yeehaw

At Hilton Park Bowling Club Fri 22nd Feb, 8.30 till late

Altcountry, insurgent country, or Americana is a loosely subgenre of country music and rock music, and includes acts that differ significantly in style from mainstream country music and pop country music.

Tex Mex music is a mixture of Mexican and Southwestern American styles, but the roots are deep in the USA the northern side of the border on Mexico.

Guitar, – Ken Cosmic

Drums, Vocals – Val Tarin

Guitar, Vocals – Craig Weighell

Double Bass – Hans Deberitz

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