Jarrad Davies from Margaret River Surf School talks surf camps

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We catch up with Jarrad Davies from Margaret River Surf School to talk surf camps and things to do in this awesome part of Western Australia.
What’s your name and what do you do?
Jarrad Davies from the Margaret River Surf School
Why should surfers or wannabe surfers plan on heading to Margaret River? 
Margaret River has some of the best surf spots in the world, there is a surf location for every level.
If someone really wants to get a handle on surfing and build up their confidence in the water, how long do you think they will need? 
We like to recommend our three day courses to people who are really keen to go from white wash to trying out some green waves out the back. It really is up to the individual on how quickly they will get a handle on things. Fitness and confidence play a big factor on progressing. Thats why we love our camps that include surf related fitness and talks on the psychology of surfing.
Is there a particularly good time of year to surf in Margaret River?
Margs is pretty good all year round for different levels. The most popular times would probably be from around 1st December to the end of April because of the warmer weather. However some of the big storms we get down here bring the big swell so it really depends on what sort of waves you are chasing.
Do you operate all year round? 
We operate all year round but are quite quiet in the winter months.
Outside surfing why should people come to Margaret River? 
Margaret River has the most beautiful scenery and friendliest people. There is great food and wine, there is also plenty to do for every age group in all walks of life. It’s a really family orientated and active community.
Do you also offer accommodation?
What’s the general ‘must do’ after a day of surfing? We are hoping to soon offer accommodation when our new High-Performance Centre is up and running. A must do after a surf is probably eat then sleep haha! A big pub meal from a couple of our favs – Cheeky Monkey Brewery, Brewhouse, Settlers Tavern, The Beer Farm just to name a few!
What kind of sea life do you find in the waters around Margaret River? 
We get to see a lot of dolphins and sometimes seals. In the winter months the whale watching tours are really popular.
Why choose Margaret River Surf School? 
We offer a friendly and professional service. Our coaches are highly qualified and we put safety and having fun as our priority. We are known for being really attentive to our customers needs; putting in the time and patience in the water to have participants feeling safe, supported and giving them the best knowledge of the area. Our licensing also allows us to choose from a large variety of beaches to be able to suit our customers surfing level.
What are your favourite Aussie Surf Beaches? 
I love WA the best. My favourite areas would be the Margaret River Region and up North of WA. I also head over to the Gold Coast most years.
What are your favourite surf beaches in the world? 
Going on where I have surfed around the world it would have to be Indonesia. There are so many good spots to go island hopping. Hawaii is amazing as well. Some on the list that I have not gone to yet are Fiji and Tahiti