Perth to Monkey Mia Tours

Perth to Monkey Mia tours

Travel Monkey Mia

Perth to Monkey Mia Tours visit Shark bay and the Dolphins.

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About the Hop on Hop off pass

The pass is ideal for the independent traveler/s who don’t wish to be tied to a tour group.  There’s nothing like a trip where you have the freedom to stay in each place for a time determined by you. therefore be able to see and do the things that you wish to see and do. If you’ve been looking for a great way to see the fantastic west coast of Australia, our Hop on Hop off pass is the ideal solution.

Dolphins and Research

Monkey Mia is world-famous for its dolphins and research that has been done here. It is responsible for most of what is known about the amiable animals today. Even the most cynical of travelers will not be put off by this tourist haven. Strangely, only the female dolphins come into the shallows. However, they are trusting enough to bring their babies and their visits are now a daily ritual.

Experience Wild Dolphins

The dolphins, are completely wild and come in off their own accord, take food from the hands of tourists in knee-deep water. However, the visitors are watched over by CALM rangers, who protect the animal from overexposure to humans. This can lead to a loss of natural feeding skills and therefore interruption to breeding patterns, etc.

Perth to Monkey Mia Tours. Other marine life around Monkey Mia

Monkey Mia is located in one of the most pristine marine environments in the world. So don’t leave the tiny settlement without taking a look at the place from the water. Local vessels offer wildlife spotting cruises in impressive catamarans. On the tour, you can see dolphins, rays, turtles, sharks, and dugongs.

The calm waters of the bay also mean no seasickness and so a very pleasant marine experience.

A lot to see and do at Monkey Mia

There are many local activities worth experiencing including a walk into the bush and experiencing Aboriginal culture. Canoe the calm waters around Monkey Mia. There are so many things to see and do you will not be disappointed.

Shark Bay near Monkey Mia



Visit Shark Bay to see why it is held in such high esteem. World Heritage places really are the best places on Earth and Shark Bay is listed because of its beauty. There is an abundance of habitats and therefore species to see. Experience what you will never see anywhere else on the planet.