Moving tips for Migrating to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Moving tips for Migrating to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Discover essential moving tips for migrating to Perth!

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Moving tips for Migrating to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Essential moving tips for migrating to Perth

  1. First things First:
  • Ensure your passport valid and arrange for your visa.
  • Give this new web based email address for people to use that you wish to stay in contact with. This also becomes a handy place to keep electronic copies of any documentation you may need.
  • Contact your migration agent and confirm arrival dates.
  • Plan times to meet up with people you need to say goodbye to. Time flies fast when moving.
  • Sort out all issues with your current property. If renting ensure lease is ended. If you own you must decide if you wish to sell or rent out the property.
  • Begin to plan your life in Perth with your migration agent – housing, commuting, schools etc
  • Plan your storage costs both for space and time. Plan your shipping if you know where you will be staying.
  • Get rid of the things you don’t need. Sell them online, give them away or arrange and garage sale.
  • Start packing the items you wish to take with you – make sure fragile items are marked fragile!
  • Get rid of out of date technology –  rest assured you won’t regret this
  • Make a list of what you are taking
  • Secure 3 moving quotations for the items you decide to take. Ask your migration agent to assist
  • Get quotes on marine insurance.
  • Plan your actual move dates, make copies and backup copies of all documentation for all parties used.
  • The voltage is 220-240 volts so make sure any appliance you ship will work.
  • Photographed all valuable for insurance purposes 

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What about the pets?

There are fairly strict requirements for transporting pets to Australia. It is worthwhile planking the move of your furry friend s well in advance. Your migration agent will assist you with this and it is recommended that you use a professional Pet Transport Company to relocate your pets.
Depending on where you are moving from depends on how long the move takes and how much pre-planning you need. Every country has slightly different rules and different quarantine requirements. Check with your migration agent and any Pet transport company for advice.

  1. the last 2 months

  • It is time to give final notice on your property.
  • Inform your employer of your plans and take the necessary steps
  • Get your taxes up to date
  • Get certified bank statements from your bank – you will need these to open your bank account in Perth
  • Get copies of any no claims from insurers
  • Plan where you will live when your home is no longer your home for the interim period until you leave
  • Use up the non-perishable and frozen goods in the kitchen
  • Arrange your flights, hire car and short term accommodation in Perth


  1. the last month

  • Look at the best ways to begin sending money to Australia
  • Make copies – paper and digital – of all important documentation
  • Keep your home bank account alive – don’t close it just yet
  • Contact all your accounts such as electricity, gas, water, credit cards and inform them you are moving. Settle up to date where possible.
  • Set up your mail and postal forwarding .
  • Speak to your medical practitioners and ask for copies of your medical files – some will do this digitally upon settling in Australia.


  1. last week or two

  • Buy a few bottles of your preferred contact lens solution – a very sensible idea
  • Return all items to library and DVD store – amazing how many forget this
  • Make sure your drivers licence is up to date and covers international driving


  1. last few days

  • Pack your suitcases – make sure you have a way to identify yours
  • Confirm travel tickets and foreign exchange.
  • Check your check in times with your airline
  • Arrange transport to airport
  • Make sure you are up to date with laundry and dry cleaning
  • Put your essential travel pack together for the journey and arrival
  • Ensure phones and utilities have cut off dates in place
  • Empty your freezer and fridge.


  1. The big day

  • Double check everything is packed.
  • Double check all passports and documentation are ready


  • Head to the airpoirt


  1. On arrival

  • Have your migration agent meet  you
  • Hire your car
  • Head to your temporary placed to stay
  • Begin life

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