Nursing Jobs Perth this Christmas

Nursing Jobs Perth this Christmas

Top Nursing Jobs Perth this Christmas

Find Nursing Jobs Perth this Christmas from Bower Healthcare

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Bower YNA is an Australian nursing agency in Sydney recruiting RN’s and community care staff for jobs across the country and if you are looking for a nursing job in Perth this Christmas Look no further than Bower Healthcare Bower YNA’s industry reputation and extensive network of contacts ensures plenty of casual agency and other work opportunities for its nurses and community support staff, and provides the right match of nursing and community care staff for hospital, healthcare and community based employers seeking to hire quality personnel.

Healthcare & Nursing Divisions

Bower Healthcare supports the healthcare & nursing divisions of community support, nursing, midwifery acute care, mental health, allied health, op theatre, rural and remote as well at hospitals and facilities and therefore getting a nursing Job in Perth for this Christmas will not be difficult at all.

To Qualify

To qualify for the Bower Healthcare Working Holiday Package the following visa and employment criteria must be met which includes be a registered nurse and possess a minimum 12 months post-graduate clinical experience. (NB. Registered Nurses must possess provisional approval for registration with AHPRA) or be an experienced healthcare worker, eligible to work as an Assistant in Nursing or Community Support Worker.

The Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Package

The Bower Healthcare’s Working Holiday Package concierge service is designed to help Nurses and Healthcare Professionals get the most out of their Australian adventure. It is a one-stop support network that can help you along the way. The Bower Healthcare Working Holiday Package has been designed in a way that it can be tailored to suit the individual needs. 

The Package Includes

Bower Health Care Agency Consultation and Pre-Departure Interview via Skype, assistance for APRHA Registration, accommodation, airport Pick-up, setting up bank accounts, obtaining a Tax File Number (You must be in Australia to apply for this), orientation consultation, agency Meet & Greet – Bower Healthcare / YNA HQ, ensure a guaranteed number of shifts, Home & Away Day Tour (Sydney only) and a 2 Day Surf Camp or equivalent adventure tour among many others. 

 ‘WORK4PERKS’ Scheme

All the candidates are enrolled into the ‘Work4Perks’ scheme which means for every shift worked points can be earned and can be spent on tours and accommodation around Australia. 


Since Bower Healthcare is partnered with YNA it enables to source employment for candidates throughout even the most remote locations in Australia.


The cost of the Working Holiday Package depends on what is selected. The packages are tailored based on the individual budget. Get in touch with the team for a discussion about the trip as the first step.

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