Perth to Broome Bus Tours Winter 2019

Perth to Broome bus tours winter 2019

Things to do in Western Australia, Book Here

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Broome to Perth via Kalbarri Karijini Ningaloo Monkey Mia Tour

West Coast Wanderlust – Broome to Perth – 18 days

Perth to Exmouth Adventure (8-day return)


Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Standard Double/Twin Room)

Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop (Private Single Ensuite)

When travelling from Perth to Broome on a bus tour in the winter of 2019 , there are many parks to visit on the way. Everybody including the young and the old will enjoy every minute of these tours.

Yanchep National Park

Yanchep National Park is just an hour away from Perth. There are a few short walks in the area, but the best attraction is the range of wildlife. It’s one of the places in Western Australia where you can see koalas, and great bird watching opportunities and plenty of kangaroos. The National Park is small and is in a rural countryside setting ideal for a picnic.

Mount Leuser National Park

It is a quiet park about half an hour inland and a great place to visit if you’re road tripping Western Australia in the winter; travellers at this time will see beautiful colorful wildflowers all over the park. The park is a bit bland out of season, but I’ve heard that the views from the summit of Mount Lesuer make the climb worth it.

Kalbarri National Park

The major geographical features of the park include the Murchison River gorge which runs for nearly 80 km on the lower reaches of the Murchison River. Kalbarri National Park’s coast is home to resident dolphins and seasonal humpback whales, seen from a boardwalk beside the Island Rock and Natural Bridge rock forms.

Loop Trail

Though Kalbarri National Park is located slightly inland it’s absolutely epic and you can enjoy it during the Perth to Broome bus tours in winter of 2019. Enjoy the Loop Trail. This 9 kilometer circuit passes Nature’s Window, travels along the top of the gorges looking down into some surreal views and descends into the gorge itself. There are also some great lookouts in Kalbarri National Park, including the Murchinson River Gorges which encompass the trail I just mentioned and Z-Bend.

Other popular spots

Other popular spots within Kalbarri National Park if you are spending more than one day are Ross Graham Lookout, The Kalbarri Cliffs, Bigurda Boardwalk –a 1.2 kilometer raised walkway, Natural Bridge, Island Rock which reminisces the Great Ocean Road’s Twelve Apostles,Bigurda Trail an 8km walk along the cliff top path, Red Bluff – the northern end of Kalbarri National Park and its highest point. All these can be intertwined in a gorgeous Kalbarri Ocean Drive.

Kennedy Range National Park

150 kilometers eastwards is the compelling Kennedy Range National Park, with slabs of rock (that look a bit like mini Ulurus) plastered along the horizon. It’s a great spot for stargazing and camping.

Cape Range National Park

There are a few different walks, nice viewpoints, 4WD tracks and beaches with amazing snorkeling. Two days is the perfect amount of time to explore the park.

Karijini National Park

Karijini is another world. There’s so many beautiful things to do in Karijini, including Walking along Dales Gorge and admiring Fortescue Falls and the stunning pools at either end, fearing imminent death as you descend down a handrail into the glorious (but freezing) Handrail Pool, doing a spider walk before plummeting into Kermit’s Pool, A day’s abseiling down the gorges. Ambling along the various lookouts and peering into the gorges deep below. You can enjoy the emerald-colored waters of the Fern, Fortescue fall and Circular pools.

Millstream Chichester National Park

Your next destination is Millstream Chichester National Park. You can travel alongside one of the longest privately owned railways in the world. Start with a tour of the old Homestead in Millstream Chichester National Park.

Nambung National Park

The parks of Australia’s North West are some of the world’s most amazing untouched wilderness areas, giving you a real Australian outback experience. The region comprises two distinct areas of breathtaking natural beauty: the Kimberley and the Pilbara. The ancient landscapes of these destinations are a contrast of rugged ranges, stunning gorges, pristine sandy beaches and untouched islands and reefs. They’re also home to wildlife, birdlife and plant species you won’t find anywhere else on the planet.


The Kimberley is regarded as one of the last remaining wilderness areas on earth. Home to some truly extraordinary natural attractions, it is a destination that provides visitors with the consummate Australian outback experience amidst a spectacular landscape. Wild, pristine rivers crisscross the landscape a magnet for fishermen chasing the legendary barramundi, or for wildlife enthusiasts looking to see the stunning array of flora and fauna which proliferate in the region.

Home to exquisite sites

The Kimberley is home to many remote and spectacular national parks. Limestone caves, plunging gorges, one of the world’s largest meteorite craters and dazzling world heritage listed geological landmarks are just some of the attractions waiting to be experienced.


The Pilbara is a region of contrasts with many natural attractions to explore. With months of predictable warm weather and clear blue skies, the region beckons travellers to experience the timeless beauty of the Australian landscape. Home to island reserves, a marine park and stunning beaches, the Pilbara offers world-class diving, snorkeling and fishing with amazing marine diversity.

Mangrove Bay Bird Hide

The Mangrove Bay bird hide in Exmouth overlooks the Mangrove Bay Lagoon and sanctuary area. A variety of birds roost in the lagoon at high tide and many feed on small fish and other marine life in the shallow waters. Patient observation may reward with the sight of an osprey or brahminy kite.

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