Perth To Broome By Coach Tours Winter 2019

The total distance is just over 3,500km from Perth to Adelaide by coach or bus.
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Buccaneer Explorer

Buccaneer Explorer

Sunset Cable Beach Camels

Sunset Cable Beach Camels

Foreshore Beach Walk

Foreshore Beach Walk and Talk Tour

Reddell Beach Women Only Tour

Reddell Beach Women Only Tour

Travel from Perth to Broome by coach this winter. 


On your way from Perth to Broome on a coach tour in the winter of 2019 visit Cervantes, a paradise for water lovers with beautiful stretches of beach, fishing, swimming and boating spots. Ronsard Bay is a large bay with a long strip of beachfront, seagrass meadows and a lighthouse. Hansen Bay offers an expansive, white sand beach, lookout point, swimming, boating and fishing.

Hangover Bay and Kangaroo Point

Hangover Bay is a novel place to get a photo. The beach is beautiful and worth driving down to see. If you have a 4WD car there’s a nice 4WD track and beach access there. These popular destinations are fishing hotspots

Jurien Bay

The first whiff of civilization on your West Coast Australia road trip since leaving Perth, Jurien Bay is a reasonable-sized settlement in the Coral Coast. There’s a lovely waterfront in the town, beautiful beaches and tours to see sea lions and various other wildlife.

Hutt Lagoon, Pink Lake and Port Gregory

Situated between Geraldton and Kalbarri National Park, this pink lake is tucked away that it’s easy to miss. It’s by Port Gregory and can change color from bubblegum pink to lilac. The best time to see the lake is supposed to be the middle of the morning or sunset. The lake looks like the stuff of fairytales, but it’s actually caused by a bacteria; dunaliella salina, which trapps in the saltwater lake’s granules.

Natural harbor

On your way from Perth to Broome by Coach in the winter of 2019 you can enjoy the natural harbor nearby Port Gregory where swimming and windsurfing opportunities are available.

Shark Bay

A UNESCO world heritage Centre, Shark Bay sits at the west most point of Australia. The marine life makes Shark Bay so interesting; its sea-grass beds are the world’s largest and richest, there is a huge sea cow population under the sea and it is home to stromatolites, some of the oldest life on the planet.


Shark Bay is also home to a variety of mammals, including the Shark Bay mouse, the Western barred bandicoot, the Shark Bay boodie and the Banded hare-wallaby. Most of Shark Bay is on a peninsula, which is pretty long to get onto.

Nanga Bay

The first place you’ll visit on the Shark Bay peninsula is Nanga Bay. It’s a beach that is primarily taken up by a campsite. You can drive a 4WD right onto the beach and admire the blue waters from there. Next is Shell Beach, a beach full of tiny shells. Denham is a cute seaside town with really clear waters and a relaxing atmosphere.

Monkey Mia

It is famous for feeding dolphins that come to the shore.  Other than the dolphins, Monkey Mia is a great place for beaches and chilling out. There’s also a 4WD track in the Francois Peron National Park, which leads up to a fantastic viewpoint. However, this track is not recommended for low-clearance vehicles.


It has a really beautiful beachfront. Carnarvon is also known as the fresh produce hotspot of Western Australia. Other worthwhile attractions in the town are the One Mile Jetty, the longest jetty in the north of the state and the Fascine, which is the shoreline of the town. Just out of Carnarvon, at Quobba Point are some impressive blowholes.

Coral Bay

 It’s a tiny tourist town that’s focused on the Ningaloo Reef; there’s snorkeling and glass bottom boat tours, a couple of campsites and a lovely beach. You can snorkel straight out from the shore. If you’re road tripping during late March or early July, don’t miss the opportunity to book a diving experience in stunning Coral Bay. You can enjoy a swim with whale sharks, or majestic giant manta rays.

Shark Nursery

It’s within walking distance from the main beach as well as daily snapper feeding at around 3:30 pm. There’s also the option to do a whale shark tour or a general reef trip in Coral Bay.


Exmouth is your top location when you visit the Ningaloo Reef. There’s quite a lot to do within the town, including Whale Shark Tours. If you’re in the season it’s a Western Australia must do and a massive check on your Australian bucket list. Cape Range National Park has beaches with opportunities for snorkeling while the Navy Pier Diving is one of the top ten dive sites in the world. SS Mildura Wreck is the shipwreck of a cattle steamer 80 meters from the shore.

Port Hedland

It has a huge statue of a crocodile, just to warn you that you are now officially in crocodile county.

80 Mile Beach

There’s a great free campsite just by the 80 mile beach turn off, and the beach itself is beautiful. If you’ve got a 4WD, you can drive along the whole beach (well, I’m not sure about the whole 80 miles, at 15kmph it would take a while to figure that out) which is great fun. The water is blue and the sand is golden.


Broome has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The best things to do in Broome include watching the sunset at Cable Beach, looking at the award winning Pearls at the Chinatown showroom and enjoy hovercraft adventures and whale watching tours.  Another attraction is Horizontal Falls where tidal movements of the Indian Ocean render a waterfall-like effect on the water’s surface.

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