Perth to Margaret River Tour by Coach or Bus via Bunbury Australia

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Getting from Perth to Margret River in Southern Western Australia is easy and will only take around three and a half hours. It can be a satisfying trip with stops on the way where you can go for a swim on sandy beaches, go on guided heritage tours and engage in indigenous experiences.

Margret River

Margret River is situated about 275 km away from Perth in the south west of Western Australia. It is ideal for a day trip and if you want to extend it you can swim, dive surf, spot marine, and wildlife and explore the beachside towns along the way.

The journey from Perth to Margret River is a delight when you break the journey at places like Busselton, Bunbury, and Dunsborough.

Perth to Bunbury

Your first stop would be Laidback Bunbury located 175 km from Perth. Although it may not be the prettiest of beach towns, it is the ideal place to take a break and stretch your legs. You can also visit the Dolphin Discovery Centre and go on a Wild Dolphin cruise to see bottlenose dolphins, playing feeding and swimming in the water of the Koombana Bay.

Bunbury to Busselton

Traveling from Perth to Margret River you will follow Busselton Highway from Bunbury for 57 km to reach Busselton. Busselton is named after a local pioneering family. It consists of 30 km of sandy beaches is famous for it’s Jetty, one of the most visited out of the Western Australian attractions.

Busselton to Dunsborough

Dunsborough is a location that overlooks the Geographe Bay. It is popular for wreaks along the rugged coast and clear waters. The Former HMAS Swan is a dive wreck site that is the largest and most accessible in the southern hemisphere. It is found in this location.

Perth to Margret River is one of the most satisfying and easiest drives in Western Australia. Once you get to Margret River you can get a taste of the wine and the caves of the region.

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