Perth to Broome tours bus Coach overland road trip

Perth to Broome tours bus Coach overland road trip

Perth to Broome tours bus Coach overland road trip. A road trip from Perth all the way up to Broome is an exciting experience. Sure it is long and demands a significant amount of your time but your journey in its entirety will be packed with lots of interesting places to explore. Coach trips from Perth to Broome are very popular.

Firstly, you never have to worry about the toils of driving long distances and for the other, you can visit all your favorite attractions along the way. With an experienced driver taking the lead you can rest assured that all the most important stops will be covered.

Commencing Your Journey From Perth to Broome by Coach

Prior to commencing your coach tour make sure you are well prepared. Pack plenty of snacks and drinks for the road and bring your camera; you will be making plenty of memories along the way! When you embark on your journey all the way up to Broome, there will be plenty of places that you would want to check out but the first place on your agenda should be the Pinnacles.

Perth to Pinnacles

From the moment the coach pulls off you will be transported to a world of scenic bliss. Western Australia is famous for its beauty and your journey from Perth to Broome will showcase the best of this. As you soak in the sheer perfection outside your windows you will arrive at the Pinnacles before you know it. The Pinnacles desert is a mesmerizing place by itself. Known for its fascinating golden limestone structures, this is an excellent spot to capture those artsy photographs. Catch the sunset, picnic by the beach, and if possible camp for the night under the stars; the experience as a whole is out of this world.


Next on your agenda, you can head over to Geraldton. The Geraldton foreshore is particularly picturesque and is a great spot for swimming or just lounging by the beach. Packed with food carts and happy visitors, there is a lively ambiance about this beach. If you are keen on exploring Geraldton a little further you could check out the Geraldton Museum that is not too far away. Celebrating the rich heritage of people of the Mid West region, this museum has everything from Yamaji history and culture to details of the unique natural landscapes and marine environment of the region.

Pink Lake

Yet another picturesque spot en route to Broome, the Pink Lake is literally pink in colour making it an absolutely enchanting spot to capture some mind-blowing photographs. Take your time basking in its beauty for the mere ambiance surrounding this lake has a magical effect on the soul.

Lucky Bay

Next, you could head over to the Lucky Bay and try and catch the sunset if time permits. If you like to camp out for the night, this is a perfect spot.

Kalbarri National Park

Your next stop should be Kalbarri National Park. Carpeted with wildflowers, river gorges and sea cliffs your camera is sure going to love this one. In addition to basking in the beauty of your surroundings you could try out a couple of interesting activities such as gorge hiking, canoeing and bush walking. If you can add Natures Window and the Z Bend to your agenda, it will make your excursion all the more exciting. Dip into the waters and enjoy a quick swim and if that felt refreshing you would love the cold shower at River Mouth.

Shark Bay

Another interesting area you would come across is Shark Bay. Considered a World Heritage Site, Shark Bay is home to the stunning Shell Beach, which is known above all for its crystal clear waters. If you missed out on the swimming at Kalbarri National Park you would definitely want to explore the sparkling blue at this beach. Relax by the water and if you are around during lunchtime don’t forget to sample the scrumptious food that is available here.


Denham is a fun town. From the pretty boutiques to the artsy alleys there is quite a bit you can explore here. If you want to try a game of frisbee or cricket the lagoon nearby is ideal. Here again, the scenery will take your breath away.

The sunset by the lagoon in particularly mind-blowing and a lot of people visit this spot just to enjoy this view. If you are around after dark, head over to the Jetty and you may actually be able to spot some amazing wildlife; with the help of your flashlight of course.

Monkey Mia

Surrounded by rolling red dunes and sparkling white-sanded shores, Monkey Mia is the ideal stop for the ultimate nature enthusiast. From picture-perfect scenery to wildlife that will keep you entertained every minute of your time here, Monkey Mia is paradise.

Dolphins and more

Dolphins are the highlight of Monkey Mia but in addition to these friendly creatures, you also get sharks, dugongs, turtles, and rays that will constantly entertain you with their appearance. Couple of activities you can try out here includes swimming with these creatures or kayaking on these blissful waters. Don’t get carried away though, your journey has plenty more in store.

Coral Bay

Coral Bay is another popular stop that is loaded with plenty to see and do. On a nice sunny day the clear blue sky and absolutely stunning shoreline is enough to get you hooked. The bright and illuminated surroundings are refreshing on the mind and often travellers from Perth to Broome choose to stay overnight here.

Activities at Coral Bay

So if you have decided to break your journey at Coral Bay there is plenty of activities you can indulge in. For starters you can relax and revive and refresh yourself. Snorkelling is very popular here as the reef has a rich and abundant collection of marine life. If you are lucky you may even get a chance to swim alongside friendly reef shark or the famous Australian turtle. There are also options here like fishing, charter diving and whale shark tours so if you feel adventurous there is plenty to keep you busy. Although Coral Bay is predominantly calm during the day it does get pretty wild after dark so if you are interested in a little partying en route to Broome, this stop has you covered.

Exmouth Surfing & Water Sports

Just because you are technically in the midst of a journey does not mean you cannot break in between for some adventurous fun. Your next stop will most likely be Exmouth and when you get there, go straight to the town beach and get right on the water sports. That’s right, if you have been waiting for that dose of Adrenaline this is where you can get it pumping. Exmouth has a wide array of water sports but surfing really takes the cake. However if your skills are a bit rusty worry not for there is still plenty to do here like Jet skiing and Tubing.

Cape Range National park,

Next stop will be the Cape Range National Park; another treasure-trove of fascinating sites to see. The highlight however is unmatched scenery. Everywhere you turn, this park is spectacular and if you want to capture those Insta worthy photographs you will be spoilt for choice at Cape Range. If time permits try and capture the lighthouse at sunset; it really is something else. If you are lucky you may even be able to spot a Humpback Whale on the horizon.

Ningaloo Reef

If you like to swim alongside the intriguing inhabitants of the ocean nothing beats what the Ningaloo Reef has to offer. Well known for having the 260km long coral reef which happens to be the world’s largest fringing reef, this park has been listed as a World Heritage site. Among the many exciting creatures that call this reef their home are tropical fish, manta rays, turtles, humpback whale and the gentle Whale shark.

Drop off at Exmouth

Next you will probably touch Exmouth. Exmouth is a common get off point on a Perth to Broome tour and you may have to bid farewell to a couple of your new friends. But whether you are cutting your trip short or continuing your journey all the way to Broome, Exmouth is definitely a stop worth checking out. There are lots of interesting diving, snorkelling and whale watching tours available. So if you have missed out on any excitement at the previous stops you can definitely catch it up over here. Try and stay the night at Exmouth and continue your adventure the following day.


From Exmouth you can plan a little excursion to Pilbara. It is a bit of a detour but everything you will see and learn at Pilbara makes it all worth the while. Pilbara is known for its characteristic red earth. The region was once home to the aboriginal people and there is a sense of infinity and ancient sacredness in the air. Wildlife is abundant here and you may even come across a cheeky Dingo or two!

Karijini National Park: Day 1

A road trip from Perth to Broome is not complete without paying a visit to the infamous Karijini National Park. You will probably need a good 2 days to do justice to all the treasures that this place has in store but rest assured every minute spent here will absolutely be worth your while. You can start out by exploring the Hancock Gorge after which you should hike down the sparkling Kermist Pool. If you have not had enough of the water this is yet another place you should take a dip in. There are also other interesting places like the Oxers, Junction Pool & Jofre lookouts that you could check out.

Karijini National Park: Day 2

For those breaking Karijini National Park into 2 days, plenty of excitement awaits. The Fortesque falls is a particular beauty and if you are looking for that picture-perfect breakfast spot, the background at the Fortesque falls cannot be matched. Next, try the hike through Dales Gorge all the way to the Circular Pool. Yet another lovely body of water, you will be tempted to take a dip here as well.

Karinjini Visitor Center

Finally, stop off at the Karijini Visitor Centre where you can learn plenty about the history of the area and their plans for the future. There is a lot of information you can get here about the aboriginal culture and there are many intriguing stories about their way of life. After a thorough exploration of the National Park head over to Port Headland for the next stop is Broome.


From Port Headland, it is Broome all the way. Try and catch a nap en route to Broome so that you are fresh for all the excitement that awaits you in beautiful Broome.

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