Perth to Broome tours Monkey Mia

Perth to Broome tours Monkey Mia

Top 5 Things to do in Monkey Mia

 Perth to Broome tours Monkey Mia
Enchanting Monkey Mia has been captivating travellers for many long years. It’s a place that possesses spectacular natural beauty and those who visit it get to enjoy the surreal sensation of being blissfully at one with nature. It is often included in the tour itineraries of those who are travelling from Perth to Broome. Read on and find out about the top experiences you must not miss out on while exploring the mesmerizing Monkey Mia.

Visit the spectacular Shell Beach

Shell beach in indeed one of the most remarkable attractions in this region. Here you will find billions of tiny shells, making up the dazzling coast. An hour’s drive from Monkey Mia will bring you to this glorious beach.

Meet the famous Monkey Mia dolphins

Indeed, no trip to Monkey Mia will be complete without a trip to see its famous dolphins! These endearing creatures of the sea gladly visit the beach, giving travellers the opportunity to interact with them and even feed them!

Embark on a thrilling wildlife cruise

Perth to Broome tour by road

Monkey Mia’s magnificent natural beauty well and truly deserves to be admired! So embark on an unforgettable wildlife cruise and witness the surreal beauty of its flourishing marine life. You will often enjoy encounters with dolphins, turtles and even whales during these tours.

Discover the  breathtaking beauty of a wildflower trail

Lose yourself in winding trails flanked by thousands of richly coloured blooms and create a memory to cherish for a lifetime! The wildflower trails of Monkey Mia are immensely popular among those who are travelling in the region, especially between the months of July and November.

Soak up the golden sun and laze upon the beach

Rest upon the golden shores of Monkey Mia and treat yourself to the perfect beach vacation! An enchanting tropical vacation is always guaranteed in this sunny destination that is blessed with an eternal summer!
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