Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

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Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia 2022. Cervantes

Travel north to discover the dramatic landscapes in Australia: the Pinnacle Desert. Created from the skeletal remains of ancient marine life millions of years ago, the pinnacles were discovered in the 1960s. Find some of the world’s oldest living fossils at Lake Thetis, located off Hansen Bay Road.

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia

Jurien Bay

Check out skydive Jurien Bay for the only skydive in Australia which lands on a beach or hop aboard with Turquoise Safaris for a sea lion charter cruise or snorkel to the underwater wonderland of Jurien Bay Marine Park. This area is home to tropical fish, sponges, sea squirts, soft corals, sea lions and dolphins.


More adventurous land-lovers will enjoy exploring the caves of the Stockyard gully National Park which is accessible only by 4WD vehicle. Named after the aboriginal word “Thung-arra” meaning “Sea Lion place” you can enjoy a stroll along the Dongara Port Denison Heritage Trail, which includes the Royal Steam Roller Flour Mill and Russ Cottage. You can see leaning trees on your way to Geraldton.


While on Perth to Broome bus tours this winter you may choose to visit the HMAS Sydney memorial on top of Mount Scott including the eerie yet beautiful Dome of Souls, Point Moore Lighthouse, Museum of Geraldton, Monsignor Hawes Heritage Centre and the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery. History Lovers can visit the Houtman Abrolhas Islands where the VOC flagship, Batavia, became shipwrecked in 1629.

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Coral Bay & The Ningaloo Reef

If you’re road tripping during late March or early July, don’t miss the opportunity to book a diving experience at Coral Bay. Enjoy a swim with whale sharks, or majestic giant manta rays, which are abundant throughout the year. It is a great place to snorkel. There’s a shark nursery within walking distance from the main beach and a daily snapper feeding at around 3:30 pm.

Cape Range National Park

When you travel from Exmouth lies the rugged beauty of Cape Range National Park, where you can see some of remarkable gorges and canyons of Western Australia. You can enjoy a relaxing cruise along Yardie creek or a 4WD Safari Tour.

Tom Price

A road trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Tom Price. Locally coined the “Top Town in Western Australia”, Tom Price is the highest town (above sea level) in WA and hometown of the (Rio Tinto owned) Mount Nameless.

Karijini National Park

Visit Karijini National Park, a place with deep gorges, rock pools and beautiful waterfalls. Many of the walking Trails lead you deep inside the surrounds of the Dales Gorge. You can also swim in the emerald-colored waters of Fern, Fortescue, Falls and Circular pools.

Millstream Chichester National Park

Your next destination is Millstream Chichester National Park. Now you are traveling alongside one of the longest privately owned railways in the world.  If you’re lucky, you may even encounter one of the 2.5 kilometer (1.5 mile) long locomotives transporting iron ore to Port Dampier on the coast.

Fortesque River

Start the tour of the park with the old Homestead in Millstream which has been remodeled into the park’s main Visitor Centre. If you’re keen for a cultural experience, then check out the Deep Reach on the Fortesque River. This is one of the most sacred Aboriginal sites for the Yunjibarndi people and home of the mythical Warlu Serpent.

Dampier Karratha

A drive via Madigan Road, and the Dampier Highway, you’ll arrive in the port. You can enjoy swimming in the turquoise waters with dolphins and whales to exploring the 42 tropical islands by boat. Discover ancient Aboriginal rock carvings at the Deep Gorge, which is located near Hearson’s Cove, on the Burrup Peninsula. Book a tour Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia 2022.

Point Samson Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia.

Your next destination is the historic gold rush town of Boebourne (about one hour from Port Dampier). Although it is a gateway town for tourists on their way to local national parks, it’s still worth the trip to experience some of the old heritage listed buildings and art galleries on Main Street. Take a trip out to Point Samson Peninsula for a stroll along the beach or a river cruise along the Harding River to check out the lighthouse on Jarman Island.

Port Hedland to Eighty Mile Beach

Drive over the Yule and Turner Rivers, until you arrive at Port Hedland, the second largest town in the Pilbara region. Here you can take a tour of the BHP Biliton Port Facilities or a cultural and heritage trail walk through the historical Museum and Court House Gallery.

Cable Beach

Detour from Broome to the white sands and turquoise waters of Cable Beach for a swim and check out Gantheaume Point to see up-close what 130-million-year-old dinosaur footprints look like. Visit the Malcolm Douglas Wilderness Wildlife Park home to see giant saltwater crocodiles.


Look at the award winning Pearls at the Chinatown showroom and enjoy hovercraft adventures and whale watching tours.  Another attraction is Horizontal Falls where tidal movements of the Indian Ocean render a waterfall-like effect on the water’s surface.

Perth to Broome Tours Western Australia 2022. Staircase to the moon

If you are traveling between the months of May and October, the natural phenomenon known as Staircase to the moon is an absolute must-see. It takes place when the moon rises above the ocean with swells leading toward the distant horizon provide a staircase-like illusion.

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