Perth to Broome via Exmouth Tour Overland Experience

Perth to Broome Tours via Exmouth
Kalbarri National Park is popular for sightseeing, picnicking, abseiling, rafting and canoeing.

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Perth to Broome via Exmouth and back Tour Overland Experience

The best of Western Australia waits for you

Australia’s west coast has some of the world’s best beaches and rugged outback terrain. This overland tour takes you on an epic journey across Australia’s biggest state, Western Australia. There’ll be a vast coast and desert, sparse amenities, and a natural feeling of isolation, but the rewards are worth it. It’s time you took a real Australian road trip and saw some of our most impressive landscapes. Perth to Broome via Exmouth and back Tour Overland Experience.

What does the Perth to Broome via Exmouth and back Tour Overland experience offer you?

  • See the beautiful coastlines of Lancelin
  • Discover the exceptional Pinnacles Desert
  • Explore the stunning gorges of Kalbarri National Park
  • Hike to Natures Window and the Z Bend in Murchison Gorge
  • Wander along Shell Beach full of white cockleshells
  • Experience the closest wild Dolphin encounter in Australia
  • Scenic country journey on your return to Perth
  • Snorkel the Ningaloo Reef at Coral Bay
  • Tour of Cape Range National Park
  • Swim at Turquoise Bay
  • Join a swim with Whale Shark tour May – July
  • Journey through the countryside back to Perth

Top tour highlights


It’s a true desert landscape in Nambung National Park, where the weathered rock spires of the Pinnacles rise out of yellow dunes.

Perth to Broome Coach Tours
Depart Perth and head north to Nambung National Park to explore the fantastic formations of the Pinnacles Desert.


Kalbarri National Park

Perth to Broome Bus Tours
Natures window

One of Western Australia’s best-known parks, with its scenic gorges through red and white banded sandstone and its soaring coastal cliffs.

Kalbarri National Park

Shark Bay

Western Australian Ningaloo Reef Bunbury Dolphins Margaret River
gentle giant

The Marine Park boasts the world’s largest meadows of seagrass, a population of more than 10,000 dugongs, large marine animals such as humpback whales, and of course the famous bottlenose dolphins of Monkey Mia.

Shark Bay Marine Park


Diver with coral on Ningaloo Reef
The Ningaloo Coast is a World Heritage Site located in the north west coastal region of Western Australia. The 705,015-hectare (1,742,130-acre) heritage-listed area is located approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) north of Perth, along the East Indian Ocean.
Take on the experience of a lifetime on a full-day tour where you will join Humpback whales in the water for a swim and snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef.

Plunge into stunning Ningaloo Marine Park with colourful coral gardens and fish just a short snorkel from shore, or dive with gentle giants such as whale sharks and manta rays.


Cape Range

Hike through the rocky gorges of the arid, rugged Cape Range in the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area and camp beachside adjacent to the vibrant, colourful Ningaloo Marine Park.

Cape Range National Park


This is one of the world’s best-kept secrets. The town of 2,200 is located on the Ningaloo Coast at the westernmost tip of Australia. Setting foot here is like stepping 60 years back in time.


Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park

At Australia’s second-largest national park, visitors can descend into ancient cavernous gorges, scale some of the oldest rocks on the planet, and paddle in crystal-clear waterways. From beautiful red rocks to green trees and swimming holes, it’s a nature lover’s paradise.

Karijini National Park

Are you looking for an adventure or want to relax peacefully? This adventurous paradise has a lot to offer for its visitors.

Swim in freshwater pools.

Located within Dales Gorge on the eastern side of Karijini National Park, you’ll find an excellent swimming hole at Fortescue Falls. It will take you roughly one hour from the car park to walk to the falls, but you’ll be well-rewarded for your efforts. You can swim nearby in the refreshing, spring-fed Fern Pool or tackle the two-hour return hike to the picturesque Circular Pool at the gorge’s other end.

Stay at an eco-retreat 

In the heart of Karijini National Park, you’ll find Karijini Eco Retreat. This haven, owned by the local Gumala Aboriginal Corporation, has various accommodation options, from camping sites to deluxe eco-tents with full facilities. The on-site open-air restaurant serves hearty meals with a traditional outback flavour.

See Oxer Lookout’s unforgettable views.

The short walk to Oxer Lookout will gift you spectacular views over the junction of four gorges: Weano, Red, Hancock, and Joffre. Many consider the view from Oxer Lookout to be one of the most spectacular sights in Western Australia; the vantage point offers a unique perspective of the area’s enormity and grandeur.

Tour Hancock Gorge

The hike into Hancock Gorge has been described as a “journey to the centre of the earth” for its steep descent into multi-hued, layered rock. After climbing down a ladder, you’ll walk deep into the gorge through narrow chambers and past rock pools before arriving at Kermit’s Pool, where you’ll want to take many photographs and perhaps a cooling swim.

Broome to Kimberleys Backpacker Adventure Tour
The Wild West of Australia

Wander among wildflowers

Karijini’s rugged red gorges boast abundant native vegetation such as spinifex, mulga, ghost gums, and fig trees. Flour wildflowers such as wattles, lemongrass, and northern bluebells bloom across the landscape between June and September. You may also spot rock wallabies, dingoes, and the abundant birdlife that call Karijini home.

Swim in a natural spa.

The natural, heart-shaped “spa pool” at Hamersley Gorge is coloured a striking ice-blue and is so named for its natural bubbling fed by a gorgeous waterfall. It’s a challenging one-kilometre hike through a thin, tree-lined chasm to get here via the Hamersley Gorge Walk, but you’ll see why people often return here: the spa pool is a haven for bathers and photographers alike.

When to go

Depending on what you want to see, there are plenty of good times to go:

April to May

Enjoy blue skies and pleasant, warm days. May is the start of the whale shark season. You can swim with them in Exmouth at this time. This is also when corals spawn, and on a moonlit night, you can see more than 200 species of coral expel their colourful polyps into the ocean. View scores of humpback and southern right whales from vantage points or take a special whale cruise for a closer encounter.

September to November

Relish clear, warm weather and, best of all, it’s spring. The wildflowers are out, which makes it an exceptional time to visit. The wildflower season begins in June in the most northern plains, and slowly, the outback becomes blanketed in vivid reds, purples, and every colour in between. Western Australia is home to more than 12,000 different flower species, of which 60% are found nowhere else on Earth.


Experience the turtle season on the Coral Coast. Green and loggerhead turtles make their way up the beaches around Shark Bay, Carnarvon, and Ningaloo Reef to lay their eggs. It’s a magical experience for onlookers, who can watch from a safe distance.

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