Perth to Exmouth by Bus via Geraldton and Kalbarri National Park

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Dolphins in Monkey Mia.

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Perth to Exmouth by Bus or coach via Geraldton and Kalbarri National park

The Perth to Exmouth by Bus via Geraldton and Kalbarri National Park tour will take you from the lunar-like Pinnacles to the broad vistas of Western Australia’s outback and the sparkling blue seas of the Ningaloo Reef. This exciting tour takes you through some of the state’s most prominent tourist spots and is sure to wow both residents and visitors.

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The Indian Ocean Drive, which runs from Perth to Geraldton, provides numerous chances for sightseeing. Yanchep National Park, where you can view Koalas, the Pinnacles, the sand dunes at Lancelin, beaches along the turquoise coast, and the oldest living organisms at Lake Thetis are among the highlights.

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The next day we can stop at Kalbarri National Park where we can see amazing Murchison Gorge and Nature’s Window formation. It is possible to have a swim in the Murchison River before walking through the gorge, marveling at the spectacular colors and rock formations. Banksias, grevilleas, kangaroo paws, and red-blossomed eucalypts abound across the landscape. 


Head To Coral Bay Whale Sharks and Humpback Whales
One of the most amazing experiences in Australia

Third day morning, Monkey Mia’s famous bottle-nosed dolphins. These dolphins are friendly after years of being fed by local fishermen and staff at the resort, swimming and feeding the Dolphins is permitted. On your way north to Coral Bay, enjoy visiting the remarkable Hamelin Pool.


Whale Shark Tour Exmouth? Ningaloo’s Whale Sharks 2022
Mating in this species was filmed for the first time in whale sharks off Ningaloo Reef via airplane in Australia in 2019, when a larger male unsuccessfully attempted to mate with a smaller, immature female.

The fourth day in Coral Bay, which is right on beautiful Ningaloo Reef, also famed for the whale sharks. Ningaloo Reefs house for breeding and feeding ground for many sea species. Enjoy Snorkeling, diving, swimming, and enjoy the beach or visit the shark nursery. When you’re done relaxing,

Perth to Exmouth by Bus final stop EXMOUTH

From Exmouth to Cape Range National Park. Where there are more natural scenery to explore spectacular rugged limestone ranges, incredible canyons and 50km of pristine beaches. Yardie Creek, a spectacular gorge where the water is trapped by a sandbar, is located within the park. Enjoy a walk, enjoy on the beach or go snorkeling at stunning Turquoise Bay before heading back to Exmouth.

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