Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Shark Season

Whale Shark tours from Exmouth
The beautiful and peaceful whale shark is the world's largest fish. Whale sharks, which may grow to be the size of a school bus, graze on small plankton and fish eggs that they filter feed as they swim slowly with their huge mouths open. They are one of just three filter-feeding shark species.

Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Shark Season

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Discover the wild, idyllic West Coast, where nature beckons visitors to linger awhile. Explore the Pinnacle Desert, peek into an ancient gorge near Murchison River, and swim with whale sharks. Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Shark Season.

How Long Does It Take for a Perth to Exmouth Whale Shark Tour?

Your expedition from Perth to Exmouth will cover 1270 kilometres. It is possible to drive straight and get to Exmouth within twelve hours. However, you could take your time (6 or 7 days) to enjoy a road trip with numerous mesmerizing discoveries. Remember to spend a few more days exploring Exmouth and swimming with whale sharks.

What Is the Best Time to Visit Exmouth for the Whale Shark Season?

The official whale shark season in Exmouth begins in late March and lasts until late July. However, if you wish to avoid the peak season rush, whale sharks generally hang around until August. Sometimes, they are known to stay in the waters around Exmouth until October. But late August is a safe bet.

Can You Swim With Whale Sharks in Exmouth?

Yes, Exmouth is one of those rare spots in Australia where you can swim with whale sharks. Located in the north-western cape of Western Australia, Exmouth is tantalizingly close to the most extensive fringing reef in the entire world – Ningaloo Reef. Whale sharks move at a leisurely speed, filter-feeding on plankton. Even though they are the largest known extant fish species, they are harmless. Hence, they are the perfect sharks to swim alongside without fearing your life.

What to See Along the Road Trip From Perth to Exmouth?

You can visit the Pinnacle Desert to witness the wonder of rock formations. Visit the Kalbarri National Park to reach the lower reaches of the Murchison River and the 80km gorge that cuts through red and white banded sandstone. If you have the time, you can go on a picnic or rafting in Kalbarri National Park. Explore the beautiful water of Shark Bay to encounter dugongs and mysterious loggerhead turtles. Check out Monkey Mia to greet dolphins early in the morning. Spend some time in Coral Bay to snorkel and savour the spell of the coral reef and the deep sea.  

What is Included in a Whale Shark Tour?

Best Perth To Exmouth Whale Shark Tours
Not only whale sharks are here.

You can snorkel with whale sharks in the waters of Ningaloo Reef. Marine biologists will explain about whale sharks and other sea creatures while you board a sea-faring vessel. The whale shark season never disappoints. You can expect to meet and swim with whale sharks on your tour. You can also swim along the surrounding coral reefs to encounter dolphins, manta rays and many-hued coral fish. A videographer will capture your moments in the turquoise waters. You can take free videos and photos home to remember your time with magnificent saltwater creatures.

How to Explore the Ningaloo Reef? Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Shark Season.    

Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Shark Season. You can begin your sea world adventure with a snorkelling trip in the stunning waters of the Ningaloo Reef. Meanwhile, spotter planes will locate whale sharks for you from a different vantage point. In addition to whale sharks, you will meet migrating dolphins in all their playful splendour. You’ll also see dugongs and manta rays swimming freely in the vast blue sea waters.  Meanwhile, marine biologists will regale you with information about the beautiful creatures you encounter.

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