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Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours are not ordinary. On this trip from Perth to Kalgoorlie, you will travel through the heart of the Western Australian Outback. You can now follow the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail from Kalgoorlie through historic landmarks and pump stations that are as much a part of the gold tale as the stories of riches found and lost.

Why Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours?

From Perth to Kalgoorlie, you might take a road trip in your own car. However, the distance between the two points is almost 600 kilometers, and the driving time would be around seven hours. It’s going to be a long journey, and you don’t want to be the one driving. On the other hand, you would miss out on the chance to see and appreciate the wonderful views along the way. And that’s why Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours have become your top choice.

Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours attractions on the way

1. Mundering Weir

Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours attractions
Let hop on and hop off. As well as being an idyllic place for a scenic drive, a picnic with friends, or bushwalking, Mundaring Weir.

An outback historical road tour begins at the No. 1 pump station at Mundaring Weir. When you go through its wide hallways, gazing at the places where the steam engines, hungry for wood, were fed by workers, you are taken back to an era of innovation and inventiveness. It is a wonderful experience. 

2. Northam

A public silo trail goes through Northam, about 100 km northeast of Perth. People stop there to see the works of Phlegm and Hense. The paintings, spread over eight silos, provide color at the intersection of country and industrial settings.

3. Cunderdin

In Cunderdin, the Ettamogah bar is one of the most interesting sites along the route to Kalgoorlie. It is a real-life recreation of the fictitious tavern featured in Ken Maynard’s cartoon in the Australian Post cartoon series. Even though it seems to be a cartoon on the exterior, the interior is a real tavern and restaurant.

4. Merredin

One of the works by Western Australian street artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers may be seen in Merredin, which is another stop on the PUBLIC Silo Trail. It needed 200 liters of paint and 168 hours of labor to paint four silos that were 35 meters high.

The Railway Museum, located in Merredin, is a great spot to take a step back in time as you climb the signal tower and visit the station, which originally opened its doors in 1895.

5. Southern Cross

Southern Cross, a hamlet formed by prospectors 371 kilometers east of Perth, has a rich history rooted in the gold rush era. The Yilgarn History Museum, which has exhibitions of prospecting equipment, minerals, and civic relics, tells the tale of not just gold but also agriculture and life in a small rural community. It provides historical context for life in a small town since it is housed in the Registrar’s Office and courtroom.

6. Karalee rocks

If you’re camping, Karalee Rocks, located about 40 minutes east of Southern Cross, is a great place to spend the night. It is yet another stopover on the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. The presence of huge granite outcrops here, around 4 kilometers off the roadway, was critical in collecting the most valuable resources. The granite was used: the water ran off the rocks and into a simple aqueduct, which still stands. It was then deposited into an earth tank that could hold 50 million liters of water.

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Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of Perth to Kalgoorlie bus and coach tours when faced with such breathtaking sights? If you are considering a road trip with your friends or family, this is one of the best options to consider. As mentioned, choose a bus or coach tour to keep your hands and mind free and enjoy the scenery with peace of mind.

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