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Swan Valley Tours Director Interview

If you like to indulge in wine, beer & great food, then this is for you. Swan Valley Tours is a family business, founded in early 2001. Providing daily public tours, conference & corporate tours, small group tours & Coach Hires and private tours, including gold medal winning daily indulgence tours of the Swan Valley showcasing the best of Perth Valley. We caught up with Swan Valley Tours Director Kim Willoughby to hear more about what this amazing region has to offer and why her Swan Valley Day Tours are blowing up in popularity.

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Please tell us a little about Swan Valley Tours?

We have specialised in running day tours of the Swan Valley for 17 years, running 6 tours every day, including cruise options.  We also offer private charters for groups and personalised chauffeur tours.

Who is the typical type of person who can be found on a tour?

We have a broad selection of guests on our tours.  Many are locals with friends and family from overseas and interstate who also want to enjoy a tipple without having to drive.  Also independent travellers from other states of Australia. International visitors from all parts of the globe.  These are predominately UK, NZ, Singapore, North America, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and now China.

Would a solo traveller be welcome on the tours?

Absolutely.  Many people travel solo.  The tours are very friendly as people chat and get to know each other over the wine tasting, lunch and at the brewery.  We find lots of people become Facebook friends by the end of the day.

If booking as a group, is there a better time to book?

The most popular day is Saturday for group charters and during the warmer months.  That is when the Swan Valley is the busiest.  I prefer the quieter time especially in Autumn with the leaves changing colour.

For someone with no experience with choosing wines do you have any tips on the best wines to take away from the tours? Is there a particular wine that the Swan Valley is famous for?

The Swan Valley was traditionally known for its ‘stickies’ (dessert wines), but these days there is a good range of premium table wines.  The Verdelho, Chenin Blanc and Shiraz grows best in this warm, sunny region.  The best wines to take away are the ones you like the most.

Food and wine tours have been growing in popularity over recent years, do you have any advice to help people choose the right tour?

It really depends on the individual.  That’s why we offer such a range.  The full day tours include an excellent lunch at Homestead Brewery.  The cruises offer a different perspective for travel. The half day tours suit those who want a later start.

If someone or a group want to stay for a few days, can you recommend a budget, mid range and luxury accommodation options?

The Swan Valley is an easy day trip destination, but there are accommodation options including lots of BnB’s.  The Vines Resort has the golf courses. Mandoon Estate now offers luxury accommodation and guests can join our tour from here.

What’s the highlight destination non related wine sight people should look forward to in the region?

The Margaret River Chocolate Company and Providore are the most visited venues in the Swan Valley.  My personal preference is the pretty town of Guildford which we do a tour through on the way into the Swan Valley.

Do you know why the Swan Valley is called the Swan Valley?

It was originally part of the Swan Region, an agricultural area of about 100 sq kms, named after the Swan River which runs through it.  Then an area encompassing a 32 km circuit of table and wine grape growing properties became more tourist focussed and the name Swan Valley developed to evoke other wine growing areas like Nappa Valley.
You can experience some of the best wine tasting Western Australia has to offer with Swam Valley Tours. For more information or to book a Swan Valley Wine Tasting Tour visit their website here

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