The Best Places To Snorkel In Perth

The Best Places To Snorkel In Perth
Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity, particularly at tropical resort locations. It provides the opportunity to observe underwater life in a natural setting without the complicated equipment and training required for scuba diving. It appeals to all ages because of how little effort is involved and is the basis of the two surface disciplines of the underwater sport of fin swimming.

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Rottnest is a popular destination, and there are daily services from Perth, the state’s capital and largest city.
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Discover an entirely new degree of extraordinary in Perth’s underwater realm. The diving and snorkeling on Western Australia’s spectacular coast is world-class, with a diverse mix of warm temperate climates, surrounding reefs, and several shipwrecks near offshore. To help you take your pick, here are The Best Places To Snorkel In Perth.

Rottnest Island

The warm Indian Ocean surrounding Rottnest Island is a diving paradise. If you put on your mask and flippers and explore Rottnest’s underwater world garden, you can expect to discover crystal clear water, more than 400 species of fish – including 135 tropical fish species – 20 varieties of coral, and even a shipwreck.

Day trips to Rottnest Island

Penguin Island

Day trip Perth to Penguin Island
Penguin Island is a 12.5 ha (31 acres) island off the coast near Perth, approximately 660 m (722 yd) from Shoalwater. It is home to a colony of approximately 250 little penguins, the largest population of the birds in Western Australia.

This is usually called one of the South’s best spots for snorkeling, and is in a calm stretch of water between the coast and the island. Seals and dolphins are often in the seas here and some people visiting here have even been luvky ebough to spot the Sea Lions and incredible Fairy Penguins! You can even take kayak tours and dolphin tours to get really amongst the fascinating sea life.

Mettams Pool

See large herrings, tailor and a wide variety of kaleidoscopic fish gliding near the ocean floor here at Mettams Pool. This place is a safe haven even for those who are not advanced at snorkeling, and the waters are very calm. Snorkeling here will mean you might even get to swim with thousands of bait fish as they glitter in the glorious sunlight.

Marmion Marine Park

A large, rocky outcrop with a wide range of fish, such as herrings and tailor. Marmion Marine Park stretches from South Sorrento to North Beach. Marmion is usually very quiet meaning there is more room to explore, and is the best place to both fish and kayak. With fewer people around, there are less people to scare off all of the amazing fish.

The Best Places To Snorkel In Perth. Burns Beach

Here you can get up close to all of the colourful reef fish. However, this does not mean it is a boring place to snorkel – you might have a surprise when spotting Dhufish, which can grow over 10 kilos! It is best to swim in the late summer months, out beyond the outcrops for your best chance at catching a glimpse of these sea monsters.

Coogee Maritime Trail & Omeo Shipwreck

This one-of-a-kind trail, which is centered around the famed Omeo Shipwreck, offers plenty to see and do. Grab your snorkel and swim over to the blooming artificial reef, which is teeming with marine life. You’ll also find an underwater art gallery with a plethora of mesmerizing sights, such as an antique railway wheel, sculptures galore, and a model Dutch cannon. 

Access to the Coogee Maritime Trail in North Coogee is through Socrates Parade. Following the southern breakwater, the dive and snorkel trail begins at the Omeo shipwreck and continues for 200m west along with it. Close to Socrates Parade in North Coogee, the land-based trail extends parallel to the breakwater esplanade.

Busselton Jetty

Adelaide to Perth 9 Day Tour - The Great Australian Wilderness Journey
Busselton Jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty (pier) in the southern hemisphere at 1,841 metres (6,040 ft) long.

It’s a bit of a drive to get to Busselton, but we think it’s worth it for snorkelers. Thanks to the warm Leeuwin Current, which originates in Busso, it supports more than 300 tropical and sub-tropical marine species, thanks to the warm current. That is a significant amount. In addition to seeing a variety of colorful fish, you’ll also see coral and sponges.

The Busselton Jetty has a total length of 1.841 kilometers. It is the world’s longest timber-piled jetty. It is administered by a non-profit community organization known as Busselton Jetty Inc.

Point Peron, Rockingham

Point Peron, located about an hour south of Perth, is part of the Shoalwater Marine Park and is locals’ favorite snorkeling and diving destination. Among the things to see are coral, reefs, and schools of fish on the pathways that go underwater. If you’re very lucky, you could have a visit from some dolphins that have been known to swim extremely close to the coast or a disguised sea dragon that looks like seaweed! There are various spots off the shore of Point Peron that snorkelers of all skill levels may check out before venturing out into the water.

Bennion Beach, Trigg

Bennion Beach, which is located a short distance south of Mettams, is a hidden treasure. Bennion is a hidden gem situated between Mettams Pool and Trigg Beach. It attracts fewer visitors than Mettams Pool but has the same natural beauty as Mettams. There are so many restaurants in the region, which is a plus for both. Some local favorites are Yelo, where you can chill down with one of their refreshing smoothies. Trigg Canteen, where you can have some delicious fish tacos after a day of snorkeling!

Parker Point, Rottnest Island

Things to do in Fremantle
Remote wild and yet on your doorstep.

Rottnest Island’s southernmost point is home to the Parker Point Marine Snorkel Trail. The route includes a series of underwater plaques that tell the tale of the island’s flora and wildlife as well as its history. Each plaque is equipped with two handles to make it easier to hold.

In general, the water is tranquil and clear. And this allows for a superb view of the coral reef’s diverse collection of marine plants and animals. Parker Point’s water is a bit deeper than the water at other snorkeling spots on the island. So, those with less expertise may choose the route through Little Salmon Bay, which is next to Parker Point.

The track may be reached by using the steps at the Parker Point Boardwalk, which is roughly a half-hour bike ride from the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre. Because of the deep water and ample swimming space, this path is best suited for experienced snorkelers.

Boyinaboat Reef, Hillarys


Boyinaboat Reef, located only 75 metres from the sea wall of Hillarys Boat Harbour, is one of Perth’s most popular snorkeling and diving spots and is one of the most convenient. A huge range of fish, crayfish, and other marine life may be found in the reef’s six-metre-deep waters. Additionally, the reef has a series of 10 plagues that provide information about the local flora and fauna. The reef also offers a variety of caves and swim-through ledges that are excellent practice areas.

To get to the reef, park in the lot behind AQWA on Southside Drive and walk down the road. Because getting to the reef might be challenging, it is advised that you go snorkeling with someone who is familiar with the location.

Boullanger Island, Jurien Bay Marine Park

The Jurien Bay Marine Park, located about two hours north of Perth, is known as a “snorkellers’ paradise” due to the abundance of fauna, reefs, and lagoons that can be found there. The Leeuwin Current, the longest continuous coastal current system in the world, carries warmer water southward towards Tasmania. The park stretches for approximately 100 kilometers from Wedge to Green Head. As a result, the park contains a mixture of temperate and tropical marine life.

In this rich, protected marine environment, you’re most likely to come across vibrant corals, exotic fish, and lively Australian sea lions, among other things. If you’re traveling with children who like snorkeling, make sure to take advantage of the island’s extensive snorkeling trail. At Jurien Bay’s southernmost island point, Boullanger Island lies barely one kilometer offshore, and it may be reached by boat. It is appropriate for beginners as well as young families.

“Ammo Jetty,” Woodman Point Regional Park, Cockburn

Located at the very northernmost point of Cockburn Sound, Woodman Point Regional Park is a popular destination for visitors. The park is a popular leisure spot, and it is peppered with playgrounds, caravan sites, and jetties to accommodate visitors. Most people go snorkeling at the old “ammunition” jetty, which is approximately 100 metres out from the beach and into deeper water at Woodman Point.

Sea-squirts, blue manna crabs, and a wide variety of sea sponges can be found in the seagrass meadows off the jetty. There are also caves and fissures in the vicinity, which are home to various fish, cuttlefish, and even the odd seahorse, among other creatures.

Visitors enter the park via Cockburn Road, and there is enough parking in the park’s central area for those who choose to stay overnight. The water is suitable for all skill levels; if you’re a beginner, keep closer to the beach if the water is rough.

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