Best Places To Snorkel Near Broome

Best places to snorkel near Broome

Clerke Reef

The Blue Lagoon features swim throughs and small caves to explore. Snorkel through the Aquarium in the interior of the lagoon. Snorkellers and divers can experience moving below the surface at 6 knots viewing coral formations, schools of tropical fish and reef sharks as you travel towards the outer reef system. 

Mermaid Reef

Snorkel one of the world’s most spectacular wall dives. Along Mermaid Reef, tropical fish and pelagic species are abundant. The occasional hammerhead shark and turtles can be seen here. Venture onwards to dive at The Caves. There are three caverns to explore by snorkel.

Rowley Shoals 

Ridel beach with its fringing coral reef can offer good snorkeling on a clear day. The cliffs are ancient and at very low tide you can see dinosaur footprints exposed below Gantheaume point. The underwater scenery in these waters and reefs are awesome.  

Cable Beach

One option that simply can’t be missed at Cable beach is snorkeling. While Snorkeling you’ll also encounter plenty of beautiful starfish if you look in the underwater grasses.  These waters tend to be clear and calm, making it perfect to give the snorkeling a go.

Gambier Deep Reef

If you’d like to see what’s below the surface you might want to visit the Gambier Deep Reef. Although this reef system goes as deep as 80 feet below the surface, the upper coral formations are a great spot for snorkelers to see a healthy amount of marine life. This snorkeling site is situated a short distance away from North of central Cable Beach.

Love Beach

Love Beach is a snorkeling spot, set in 40 acres of protected underwater reserve. The reef abounds with local sea life, including spiny sea urchins bigger than any you’ve ever seen before, angelfish, damselfish, snapper, butterfly fish, parrotfish, and brain coral.

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