The Best Places to Visit From Margaret River in Australia

The Best Places to Visit From Margaret River in Australia

The Best Places to Visit From Margaret River in Australia: It is debatable whether two Australian cities are the most visited. Despite making up a third of Australia’s total geographical area, the largest state, Western Australia, sees only a small percentage of the country’s tourists each year.

Western Australia’s Margret River area is a hotspot for tourists. Not only are its natural beauties, beautiful beaches, and distinctive monuments well-known across the globe, but so are its world-class vineyards.

Boranup Karri Forest

Scattered among the pale-barked karri trees is the Boranup Karri Forest, which lies between the Caves road and the shore. Trees of this species may reach heights of up to 90 metres, making them among the world’s tallest.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Located at the south of the Margret River region is the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. At this point, the Southern Ocean joins the Indian Ocean.

Sugarloaf Rock

Known as a popular place to watch the sunset, Sugarloaf Rock gets its name from the conical form of the rock that stands offshore from the shoreline. When considering sites along the Margret River, this is among the best options. Whether it’s midday or dusk, the site offers breathtaking vistas.

Meelup Beach

Many locals and visitors go to Meelup Beach. White sand and pristine, wave-and wind-protected water make up this beach.

Point Piquet

Stunning Point Piquet is a bay with crystal-clear turquoise seas, close to Meelup beach. The seas are perfect for swimming and surfing, and even beginners and intermediates will love it here.

Bunker Bay

For those who like lunch and a swim in the water, Bunker Bay is the place to be. You can relax and enjoy the sun on its large beach.

Canal Rocks

Natural features in the area include the Canal Rocks and the Margret River’s shoreline. Explore the natural canal that the ocean carved out via erosion over wooden walkways.

Busselton Jetty

In the southern hemisphere, the longest wooden jetty is Busselton Jetty. Its length exceeds 2 km. It will take around twenty-five minutes to walk down the jetty.

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