Things To Do In Broome Western Australia

Things To Do In Broome Western Australia

Things To Do In Broome Western Australia

You’re looking at the major town in this ‘hood and there’s loads of things to do in Broome. Once a melting pot of Aboriginal, Chinese, Japanese, Malay, Indonesian and European pearl divers, Broome has now been transformed into a modern oasis for travellers negotiating the west coast, and a magnet for Sandgropers trying to escape the winter blues. It maintains its uniqueness, however, and displays traits taken from all its early pearling inhabitants, with tropical, oriental and indigenous flavours all still evident.


The climate varies from roasting in summer to perfect in the winter. Local Aboriginal people recognise eight distinct weather patterns here, whereas Europeans tend to see just two, ‘the wet’ and ‘the dry’. May to October – the dry – is Broome’s busiest time, with cloudless blue skies and warm, comfortable days being the norm. The big appeal with this place is that it is so relaxed – visitors often fall into something known as “Broome time”, where things happen, but only very slowly.


Broome Visitor Information

Check out the tropical Chinatown, an old pearling district that is now Broome’s business center. Many of the original buildings are still around and will give you a feel of a bygone era; you can almost smell the opium dens of years gone by. To see how modern pearling is done take a visit to the Willie Creek Pearl Farm.

Other attractions/novelties include the Crocodile Park and the original open-air cinema, Sun Theatre.
Around town, there are a number of pubs buzzing with locals and visitors, and at weekends several nightclubs keep the party going into the wee hours. There are four backpacker hostels plus a number of caravan parks and camping grounds in and around town.

Adventure Activities

For those seeking adventure, tours are available out of Broome, from three-hour bushtucker walks, to three-day tours that take in Tunnel Creek and Windjana Gorge National Parks. An Aboriginal cultural tour to Cape Leveque to visit the Bardi people – a small but vibrant community 220km north of Broome – is a great opportunity to get a genuine perspective on Aboriginal life and culture, as well as being an ideal place to swim, snorkel and visit some of the many deserted islands in the region.

Arts & Culture

Broome hosts the annual Shinju Matsuri Pearl Festival, usually in August. This is when the town celebrates its unique pearling and cultural history and is a very colourful time to be in Broome. People also come from all over to witness the Staircase to the Moon – a phenomenon which happens about two days either side of the full moon when there is a low tide, when there is a low tide and the rising moon is reflected off the rippled tidal mudflats, creating the illusion of a brightly lit staircase up to it. Make sure you catch this as Broome really comes alive for this natural event with extra markets and activities.

Things To Do In Broome Western Australia Beaches

Rated as one of the best three beaches in the world, Cable Beach is postcard perfect; framed by deep red rocks with complete with translucent turquoise water and gloriously white sand that stretches for miles.

Sunset camel rides along the beach are very popular and, for those after a wave, there is often a nice break for body surfing and gentle board surfing – perfect for beginners. At the southern tip of the beach is Gantheaume Point where, at low tide, you can check out tracks left by a carnivorous dinosaur about 130 million years ago, plus Anastasia’s Pool. Call the Broome Visitor’s Centre on 9192 2222.

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