Things to do in Fremantle “Freo”

Day trip to Fremantle
Things to do in Fremantle

Things to Do in Fremantle Today

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Things to do in Fremantle “Freo”

What's on in Fremantle in September
Just across from the Fishing Boat Harbour
Fremantle is among the most popular destinations in Fremantle and the Esplanade Park is one of its most interesting features
the Tourist Wheel has been in Fremantle since April 2013 and provides amazing views of Fremantle town and harbors

Fremantle (lovingly dubbed ‘Freo’ by the locals), is a bustling port city that is throbbing with vibrance. Home to stunning historic buildings that pay homage to the history of Western Australia and a great music and arts scene, Fremantle is also the only place in all of Western Australia that has a UNESCO listed building.

Whether you’re an older traveller looking for some insightful exploration or a young and adventurous backpacker and student looking to taste the vibrancy of life, there is something for everyone here in Fremantle. 

Attractions in Fremantle

  • Fremantle Prison 

From prisoner riots and convict escapes, to executions and much more, this UNESCO Heritage site has seen many dramatic events take place. Take the popular Torchlight Tour by night and be enthralled by the dark tales related by your guide to take you back to those dark and eerie prison days.

  • The Roundhouse 

Take a tour around this stunning 19th century building – the oldest building in Western Australia. Located atop a hill overlooking the cerulean Indian Ocean and the bustling city below, visitors can also watch the daily cannon fire – a practice that has been happening since the 19th century.

  • WA Maritime Museum 

Interested in learning about WA’s nautical history? Pay a visit to this museum which is home to a stunning collection of artefacts, as you learn about ocean explorers of the bygone days and the naval defense during the wars.

  • Esplanade Park 

This beautiful park is a great spot to relax, cool off, enjoy a picnic and let the kids run about. Be sure to take a ride on the Skyview Ferris Wheel as you take in the spectacular views over Fremantle from high above.

  • WA Shipwrecks Museum 

Step into a journey through time as you explore original exhibits from the numerous shipwrecks that occurred along WA’s coast.

  • Fremantle Arts Centre

Originally constructed by the convicts in the late 19th century, this Gothic-styled building served as a ‘lunatic asylum’. Today, this Arts Centre is home to many spectacular festivals and events. If you would fancy taking an art course, feel free to do so here. Art courses are conducted for kids and adults so there is something for everyone here.

Things to do in Fremantle

  • Take part in the festivities at Fremantle 

Owing to COVID-19, several events scheduled for 2021 are to be confirmed. However, some events that take place in April include the Fremantle International Street Arts Festival held over the Easter weekend. This event attracts about 150,000 people every year. You can also dive into the history and culture of Australia through art, dance, stories and tours at the Australian Heritage Festival from April to May. 

  • Indulge in gastronomical delights

Relish the street food at the outdoor food markets or feast on local flavours at the several restaurants and cafes. And don’t forget to enjoy coffee along the ‘Cappuccino Strip’ and some delectable seafood at the cafes dotted along the colourful Fishing Boat Harbour.

  • Treat yourself to some retail therapy

Go on a shopping spree at the shops and boutiques in the historic West End or the Fremantle Market for some quirky gifts.

  • Indulge in the pulsating nightlife

Party away at the clubs, bars and pubs in the city as you enjoy live music and entertainment until the early hours.

Things to do in Fremantle “Freo”

Fremantle has always been thought to be the beating pulse of Perth. It is where the old 19th century meets the new. There are new cafes and restaurants with a maritime feel that are embedded in the port city. Whether you are a first time visitor or a local, there are many things that you can do in Fremantle “Freo”.

Things to do in Fremantle “Drink craft beer”

Fremantle is all about craft beer and there are a number of local breweries growing there. Connoisseurs of beer should make a beeline to the Sail and Anchor which is a place where you can choose from a collection of 30 beers.

Go to the Fremantle Prison

The Fremantle Prison is the only Heritage-listed building in Western Australia and one of the main tourist attractions in Fremantle. You will also get to experience a lot of tour options that include Torchlight Tours, Tunnel Tours, and Escape Tours.

Highlighting the Torchlight Tours

Explore the darker side of Fremantle Prison’s history. The Prison walls echo with stories of loneliness, pain, and suffering, of executions gone wrong, of the innocent unjustly imprisoned and the guilty punished. Join our Guides in the dark as they entertain you with sordid and ghastly stories. Be warned – these tours are not for the faint-hearted.

Bather’s Beach Precinct

This is situated adjacent to the fishing boat harbor and is a great place to stay back for a few hours. You can sit in the lounge and enjoy a drink or have a swim or stroll on the beach and visit Kidogo Art house. Best Fremantle Restaurant right on the beach Five-star service and food

Discover Maritime history

Fremantle history is liked with the sea and the Fremantle Maritime Museum. The museum is the home of the HMAS Ovens and a submarine of the cold war era. The museum is home to millions of collection items. Some of which can be traced back almost to when time began. Passionate curators and researchers who working behind the scenes use these collections to help us understand our planet. As part of our Distant Discoveries program, you will see a range of videos, photography, and stories. Watch and listen from wherever you are. We’ll also have some fun opportunities to submit your own stories and content.

Fremantle Esplanade

If you are at Fremantle you should not miss a trip to The Esplanade. It is a great addition to Fremantle and also provides a fantastic view of Fremantle and its coastline. The Esplanade Hotel is also located on the Esplanade Park and is a beautiful hotel with great service. The location is perfect to explore the city and its beaches

The Fremantle Trails

Things to do in Fremantle “Freo”. You can pick up a trail card at the visitor center in Kings Square and go on a self-guided walking tour. Walk to South Beach enjoy a coffee at the cafe or Bistro 21. There are also some interesting walks to be taken along the Swan River, with an excellent pub called the Left Bank overlooking the Swan River. there is also a Dome restaurant which is on the absolute riverfront. Perth Pub Guide

Things to do in Fremantle “Freo” Visit the Fremantle War Memorial

Located at Monument Hill in Fremantle the Fremantle War Memorial is surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and well-maintained lawns. With views of Fremantle its Harbour and Garden Island. Perth Hill and Perth city are also visible. This is a beautiful peaceful park to visit have a picnic and pass time. It’s just a 15-minute walk from Fremantle Bus and Railway Station.

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