Things to do in Kalgoorlie Today

Things to do in Kalgoorlie Today

Things to do in Kalgoorlie

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Kalgoorlie is the gold mining, wild, west outback town in remote Western Australia.  Located in the middle of a semi-arid desert, this city has produced many “rags to riches” millionaires during the times of the gold mining boom.  Travelers who take on this off-the-beaten-track journey, are offered many things to do in Kalgoorlie today that are related to its unique history.

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Traveling from Perth to Kalgoorlie

The great Australian outback space divides these two cities.  You can get from Perth to Kalgoorlie by flight, bus, train, or road trips.  The best time to visit Kalgoorlie from Perth is at the beginning of summer or the beginning of winter.  Other times are not preferable as extreme temperature levels prevail here.


There are regular flights linking Perth to Kalgoorlie multiple times per day.  Flight time from Perth to Kalgoorlie is only around 1 hour.  You can reach the city from Kalgoorlie airport by taxi or rental car.

Road Trip

Perth to Kalgoorlie is 593 km by road distance.  The 6-hour long road trip has awesome sightseeing opportunities consisting of changing landscapes and small country towns.  The route passes through the scenic Wheat-belt and then into the harsh desert landscapes of the Goldfields.  It is the most recommended way to travel this route and truly an impressive journey!

Train To Kalgoorlie

Next to driving, by far the most exciting way to travel from Perth to Kalgoorlie is on the Prospector train.  This is a 7-hour long scenic ride across the country and a historic journey too.  The train departs daily from East Perth Train Terminal.

Bus Perth to Kalgoorlie

There is no bus route from Perth to Kalgoorlie.  However, you can travel by bus from Perth to Esperance and take another bus to Kalgoorlie.  TransWA is the main transport company in this part of Western Australia.  This bus trip takes much longer and costs much more than a train journey.

Things to do in Kalgoorlie Today

Kalgoorlie Super Pit

Visit the Super Pit on the city’s edge, a massive open-cut, gold-mine made by consolidating all the mines.  Witness the explosive blasts that are triggered by tonnes of explosives.  The Super Pit sits on the Golden Mile which was the original stretch of land of the gold rush in 1893.  The gargantuan, mammoth Super Pit has to be seen to be believed!

Mount Charlotte Water Reservoir and Lookout

Kalgoorlie is the only city of this size in the Australian Outback.  The enormously long water pipe that runs from Perth for 300 miles provides water to the 100,000 people in the Goldfields Region.  The water is distributed to all over Kalgoorlie and further from the Mount Charlotte Water Reservoir.

Gold Fossicking

Kalgoorlie is all about gold.  Why not give gold fossicking a try?  Obtain a permit to start looking for gold and get started on the gold-digging game to strike it rich!  

Nullarbor Links

Things to do in Kalgoorlie Today. Start on the Nullarbor Links, the 1365 km longest golf course in the world.  The course takes players across the Australian outback and along scenic stretches of coastline.  Its 18 holes stretch across Australia’s most remote outback, the Nullarbor Plain, from Western Australia to South Australia.  Roadhouses and remote stations host different golfing holes, Kalgoorlie hosting the 18th hole.