Things to do in Perth Today

Things to do in Perth Today
Kangaroos. They're Australia's symbol and an animal that every visitor hopes to see. Never fear if you're visiting Western Australia! In Perth, there are several places where you can see wild kangaroos. Kangaroos can be found at the nearby Perth Zoo and Caversham Wildlife Park. However, these kangaroos are kept in captivity. To see wild kangaroos in their natural habitat, you must travel to specific locations around Perth.

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Express Pedal
Broome to Perth
Adelaide to Perth
Autopia Tours: Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop
Autopia Tours: Perth to Exmouth 6 Day Coral Coaster
Autopia Tours: Perth to Monkey Mia 4 Day Coastal Loop
Autopia Tours: Perth to Exmouth 6 Day Coral Coaster
Autopia Tours: Perth to Exmouth Explorer 7 Day
Wildflower Festival Bike Tour Kings Park
Swan Valley Wine Tour – Full Day
d’Vine Tour – Full Day Swan Valley Wine Tour
Tour and Gold Pour
East Tour
Fremantle Food Lovers Tour
Kings Park Tour
Riverside Tour
Autopia Tours: Perth to Exmouth Explorer 7 Day – Basic Dormitory Share
Half Day Swan Valley Wine Tour

The Bell Tower Experience
Pinnacles and Sandboarding Including Yanchep National Park 1 Day Tour
Thrill Ride

Sunset City Skyline Pedal
Low and Slow BBQ Tour – Half Day Food Tour
Half Day Swan Valley Wine Tour

EQ to CC Return
Perth Small Bar & Street Art Tour
The ULTIMATE Perth Walking Tour

Pinnacles at Sunset Tour
SPEED GRAZING Good Food Wine & Cider Morning Tour

Perth – Arcades & Laneways

Things to do in Perth

Perth is a great city and a fantastic tourist destination. It’s also fairly distant from anywhere. Perth is a not-so-remote city for a good time, with stunning beaches, a lovely wine area, and lively nightlife. If being cut off from the rest of the world appeals to you, this place is excellent. 

Best Day Trips from Perth this Summer
Perth’s summers are hot and dry, with little rain. The average temperature ranges from 17.5°C to 30°C (63.5°F to 86°F). A sea breeze known as the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ provides some relief from the heat in the afternoons.

Summer in Perth

Noongar Six Seasons in Western Australia

  • Birak (December – January)
  • Bunuru (February – March)
  • Djeran (April – May)
  • Makuru (June – July)
  • Djilba (August – September)
  • Kambarang (October – November)

You don’t have to go far to see a stunning canvas of urban adventure coexisting with nature. Perth’s continuous summer shines brightly on the city’s beautiful beaches, islands, and rivers. Under the sun and sky, Perth is filled with exciting things to do. Perth comes alive when the days warm-up, and you can make the most of the lovely summer weather.

Things to do in Perth 2022

It has been two years since WA closed its borders to international and interstate travellers without an approved Travel Exemption. With the reopening, it’s time to bid farewell to 2021 and greet the new year with open arms. There’s something for everyone to do in Perth in 2022. 

Here is our guide to entertaining yourself in Perth.

Checkout the Beaches

Gorgeous beaches are one of the perks of living in Perth. The sunsets in the west coast are sensational. Hence most people love to chill at the beach for the entire day and wrap up the day with a beer and sunset. But, which beach should you choose? We’ve picked the best on your behalf. 

Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe Beach is one of Perth’s most popular beaches for swimming, snorkeling and bit of surfing. ‘Cott’ is just a 15 minute drive away from the city center, or you could take the Transperth bus. And if you wouldn’t mind a leisurely walk, hop on the Fermantle train line and stroll towards the beach from the Cottesloe station.

Mullaloo Beach

Located just a 20 minute drive away from the city center, Mullaloo Beach is definitely kid-friendly. Mostly because, the waters are calm and the beach scattered with soft white sand. The kids can enjoy the playground facilities as well as the parkland overlooking the beach. 

Checkout the Wineries in Swan Valley 

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Swan Valley is teeming with wineries established in the days after World War I and II. Hence, the region’s wine culture has grown and evolved to perfection over the years. Visit the picturesque Margaret River or Avon Valley. Most of the wineries are family owned and you’ll find an exhilarating range of varieties and flavours to savour. 

Enjoy Perth’s Nightlife 

Come dusk, Perth’s nightlife moves towards its red light district Northbridge. This buzzing nightlife spot is just a few minutes’ walk away from the train station and bus terminal. And, you’ll find the biggest concentration of the city’s nightclubs in Northbridge. The area is also scattered with pubs, discotheques and a multitude of restaurants serving inspired fare. The best nights happen to be Thursday and Friday, and of course, the weekend nights promise a blast.

Things to do in Perth Today

Covid-19 Corona Virus Restrictions in Western Australia

Perth the most isolated city in the world

Perth is considered the most isolated city in the world. However, since Perth keeps on developing, it is becoming a very exciting place to live in with the vibrant feel which it gives out. New attractions keep on springing up and there are now many free things to do in the city of Perth.

The Swan River Kings Park and Cityscapes

Suggested trips in and around the Swan River

The Swan River is gorgeous and flows right through Perth into the Indian Ocean. You can enjoy a free walk or a ride along the Swan River. You will have the unique opportunity to view the cityscapes in its photographic glory while walking or cycling along the river. You can either view the city from the river bank or ride to Kings Park to enjoy nature at its best. There are a number of exciting adventures you can embark on with no cost in Perth. So what are you waiting for? Head over there…

The Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo beach is a little North of Hillarys and just a short drive from Joondalup

The Mullaloo Beach is a popular swimming beach that is ideal for those of all ages for both swimming and sunbathing on the soft white sand which is offered free of charge. There are playgrounds for children to enjoy themselves in and shady trees where you can have a homemade picnic at leisure. There is also a fishing spot for all the aspiring fishermen to enjoy their favorite pastime.

The Lancelin Sand Dunes

It takes around an hour and a half (121.9 km) via Mitchell Fwy/State Route 2 and State Route 60 to reach Lancelin from Perth

The Lancelin Sand Dunes located in the North of Perth is ideal for those who are in constant search of adventure in their lives. There are huge 45-degree angle dunes in which you can enjoy sandboarding with the use of a dirt bike or a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Go to the top of the peak and be rewarded for your efforts with the spectacular view of Lancelin with its farmland as well as the coastline.

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Things to do in Perth Today
Head north of Perth to the Lancelin sand dunes for a taste of adventure and a shot of adrenaline. Sandboarding down massive 45-degree angle dunes, the largest in Western Australia, is available here. Ride a dirt bike or four-wheel drive through the sand. You’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of Lancelin, surrounding farmland, sand hills, and coastline from the peaks. Dawn and dusk provide some of the best views.