This is what it looks like to travel in Western Australia

whale shark season

If you’ve always thought of Western Australia as a big hole in the ground where we dig for the precious metals and opals and magic pixie dust that somehow drives the Australian economy, you’re not alone.
But boy are you wrong. WA is way more than ‘the mining boom state’. Just ask anyone that’s taken the trouble to go there. To sip a crisp Reisling in the Margaret River wine region, or wander the eeire sand dunes of the Pinnacles National Park.
Anyone who’s swum with whale sharks off the coast of Exmouth or snorkeled the world’s biggest fringe reef at Ningaloo.
WA has cattle stations bigger than some European countries, and that scale, that diversity, never really gets put on show. So we sent a film crew on an epic roadtrip from Perth to Broome with a mission to capture the essence of WA.
That remote coastal magic that you can’t find anywhere else in the country. We reckon mission accomplished.

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