Tours From Perth to Ningaloo Reef Coral Bay

Tours From Perth to Ningaloo Reef Coral Bay

Tours From Perth to Ningaloo Reef Coral Bay

Beyond Perth…

Perth to Exmouth Bus tours

To say traveling along the 13,000 km of Western Australian coastline offers something for everyone doesn’t even begin to capture what lies ahead on the road before you.

From Eucla in the southeast to Perth in the west, and Kununurra in the northeast, the possibilities for fun, adventure and amazement are almost limitless.

Ningaloo Reef Tours

Somewhere around the middle of this area lies one area that can only be believed by experiencing it – the Ningaloo Reef. The world’s largest fringing reef system, it is a time and place all of its own.

Third most diverse reef system in the World

Being the third most diverse reef system in the world, it is teeming with an endless array of amazing marine life from coral to fish, turtles to sharks, and manta rays to whales.

The reef starts only meters from the shoreline. Making a marine wonderland experience easily accessible whether you choose to get wet or stay dry, be on land or sail the seas.

Coral Bay Boats Accommodation Tours

It is here you will find the hamlet of Coral Bay, the only town on the entire Ningaloo Reef. Access to the beach, boat cruises, and 4WD tours are all literally on your doorstep from your resting place.

Swim the Dazzling Reef

Whether you are after a gentle cruise in the bay with a swim on the dazzling reef, thrill to an adrenalin-pumping day out swimming with the majestic manta rays. Test your driving skills navigating your way up and down sand dunes and along huge stretches of white beaches, what Coral Bay offers is like nowhere else in the world.

Seasonal visits fro the Humpback Whales

Depending on the time of year you visit, the marine life available to you on a daily basis ranges from three endangered turtle species, manta rays, dugongs, dolphins, reef sharks, humpback whales (seasonal) and more than 250 species of colorful fish and coral.

Discover Ningaloo Reef

Discovering the Ningaloo Reef and, in particular, swimming with manta rays, will be an exhilarating experience that you will definitely not forget and visitors often claim it to be the highlight of their travels in Australia.

Coral Bay Eco Tours

For more information on tours available in Coral Bay, please contact Coral Bay Ecotours. Their highly acclaimed, incredible value for money tour is all conducted on the boats which are custom-built to allow passengers to get the full advantage of Coral Bay’s marine environment and inhabitants.

Outback Coast 

With all-terrain quad bikes, you will see the outback coast in the best of comfort and style, as well as knowing that all their tours have passed rigorous ecotourism standards.