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Two Feet And A Heartbeat Tours

twofeetandaheartbeat 1Forget all your pre-conceptions about guided tours, these don’t have to be forced history lessons and hours of ‘interested’ nodding. With Two Feet And A Heartbeat Tours, guests are led by local experts who aim to show and tell tourists everything they actually want to know, whilst taking them to hidden gems that you’d never find alone.

How do they do this? By veering off the beaten track, quite literally, to open up a side to the city that most people know nothing about. Incorporating all of the highlights Sydney and Perth have to offer and none of the date learning that tends to numb the brain. With little known secrets about historical events and interesting information about the current and emerging trends, visitors will leave knowing more than the residents themselves. Here are our top picks.


Eat/Drink/Walk Sydney (Small Bar Tour) $50

There’s no doubt that two of everyone’s favourite holiday past times include eating fresh local food and relaxing with a refreshing drink. Two Feet And A Heartbeat have cleverly incorporated these into an educational tour, so you can justify visiting multiple different bars in one night as being a cultural escapade. Sounds like our kind of school.

Sydney has a great emerging bar scene, and this three hour tour takes you to some of the best new bars that are popping up in unlikely locations, from quirky heritage buildings to hidden drinking destinations.

With the expert knowhow of a local guide, guests get the chance to visit three of these venues, with about 45 minutes in each to sample the house specialities, which are guaranteed to be more exciting than standard pub fare, from cocktails to espresso martinis.

This drinking indulgence will come accompanied by the all-important insider knowledge on the social changes happening in Sydney, which have created this new trend. Whatever they are, we’re sure guests will agree they’re a change for the better.

Tours take place at 6.30pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Starting point: Glass Dome, Wynyard Park – Wynyard Station (York St)

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