Tours from Perth to Toodyay, New Norcia, Northam, York, Jarrahdale, Dowerin

Weekend Trips from Perth

WA is open for tourism after Restrictions have been removed within the state. State borders and international are still in places.

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Perth is surrounded by beautiful places, many of which can guarantee you the peace and tranquillity you need after a hectic week.  So get away for a weekend and get two days of some good old-fashioned R&R right at your doorstep.  Here are some areas you can visit this weekend for refreshing your body, mind and soul!

1. Weekend Trip from Perth to Toodyay

Explore Toodyay, the original village of which was one of the earliest towns in Western Australia.  Visit the Old Gaol Museum, Connor’s Mill and other olden buildings to discover Toodyay’s heritage.  Go on the number of self-guided walks and drive trails which serves as a wonderful weekend outing for the whole family.

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  • Weekend Trip from Perth to Avon Valley Trike Tours

Jump onboard a trike to see Toodyay and surrounds in a super fun way!  Hit the open road on three wheels and enjoy the sun on your face and the wind on your hair!  Fascinating sights and smells fill your senses as you take on this adrenaline-packed trike tour!  Watch for wildlife such as eagles, hawks and cockatoos overhead as well as lizards, kangaroos and echidnas on your path.

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2. Weekend Trip from Perth to New Norcia

Nestled in the Australian bush, New Norcia has a little bit of a Mediterranean feel.  Its style of architecture imported directly from Spain doesn’t belong in the bush and have no heritage in the area!  As such, it is unique!

  • Sight-seeing at New Norcia

Arrive in New Norcia to marvel at the bit of Mediterranean in the Australian bush.  To learn about the architecture fresh from Spain, take the two heritage trails.  The Museum, Art Gallery, Monastery (1847) Abbey Church etc., portray the town’s odd history with direct connections to Spanish religious community.

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3. Weekend Trip from Perth Northam

Northam is Western Australia’s largest inland town and is a great base from which to explore the Avon Valley.  Exploring the town’s architecture, consisting of 185 heritage-listed buildings, on foot is a rewarding experience.  Choose from hot-air ballooning, hand gliding, white-water rafting or simply picnicking near the elegant white swans at the Avon River-side!

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  • Weekend Trip from Perth Avon Valley Hot-air Balloon adventures

Experience the peace and tranquillity over the clouds, when the day is born and sheds its magical light over the countryside.  Lifting off from Northam, float gently over the idyllic landscape of rolling hills, lush green fields and meandering streams!  After touching the ground, celebrate with a champagne breakfast in the French-style!

4. Weekend Trip from Perth to York

York is the first inland European settlement in Western Australia.  Impressive buildings, sites and churches honoured by colonial architecture, wildflowers, birdlife etc. attract many visitors to this beautiful town.  Adrenalin junkies are satisfied with skydiving, paragliding and ultra-light flights as well as fishing in the area.

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  • York Skydiving tour from Perth to York

Push personal boundaries with a skydive experience you are not likely to forget!  Travel over to York in a shuttle bus and rest for the night.  Greet the morning with a drop from an extreme altitude of up to 14,000 feet!  Free-fall at over 200 km for up to an insane 60 seconds!  Float under the canopy over York and the Avon Valley for an amazing 5 – 7 minutes, taking in the idyllic countryside down below!

5. Weekend Trip from Perth to Jarrahdale

Jarrahdale was Western Australia’s first timber town.  Today, its scenic woodlands, parks, rivers, orchards and vineyards offer you a tranquil escape from the bustling city life!  Get away to Jarrahdale for a weekend to indulge in your passion for nature, history, art, fine food and local wines at a slower pace!

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  • Serpentine National Park

Explore the fascinating natural landscapes, fauna and diverse flora.  Enjoy the colours of spring in the wildflower display, grey-green of the forest in summer, golden browns of autumn and the foaming surge of the streams during the rainy season!

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  • The Serpentine Falls

The star attraction of the park is The Serpentine Falls with its stunning landscapes!  Be curious to explore the walking trails around the falls or simply enjoy a picnic meal!  Marvel at the stunning native floral display during the wildflower season.

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  • Serpentine Dam

Learn the history and behold its beauty!  Enjoy a nature walk along marked trails, stop by the scenic lookout points and snap amazing photos for your memorabilia!  Cook up a barbeque and enjoy a sunny lunch with family and friends!

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  • Weekend Trip from Perth Dowerin

The first settlement for agriculture here was in 1897 and the town was established in 1906.  Primarily a farming community, its amazingly colourful wildflowers are one of the attractions to visitors of Western Australia.

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  • Nature Reserves

Be awestruck at the array of wildflowers that form a carpet of colour from late August to October!  Rare species of Orchid, Dampiera, everlasting and the rare Sandpaper Wattle are some of these blooms. The nature reserves are abundant in native bush and wildlife too.  The Tin Dog Creek Reserve, Minnivale Reserve and Namelcatchem Reserve are some of the nature reserves in Dowerin. 

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