Western Australia: is it as Good as They Say?!

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The short answer; YES! But the reasons why, reach beyond expectations… Western Australia is a landscape that expands further than what could possibly be conceived and it is unimaginable how just a single state can offer one iconic attraction after another, seemingly to no end. With land and sea both revealing timeless beauty and a life time of “bucket list activities”, it is not so unimaginable to see why companies such as West Coast Cruiser Tours embark upon expeditions, taking adventuring thrill seekers across the endless horizons of Western Australia.

From Ningaloo reef (the largest fringing coral reef in the world and by far one of the most accessible) to national parks such as kalbarri and karijini, and all that is between and beyond. It prompts one to imagine what else is out there, still yet to be seen!

Swallowed by Size

To be exact, Western Australia covers 965,000 square miles, however, numbers are hard to conceptualise. But with WA taking up about half the land mass of Europe and with only 2.5 million residents, it is rather humbling to be engulfed by such expansive surroundings. And ultimately travellers quickly discover an adventure of majestic proportion.


This is an adventurer’s gigantic Garden of Eden and yet, astonishingly, its locally treasured attractions are reasonably untouched by tourist industries. As a result, the road becomes yours and experiences are shared with the small circle you travel with, rather than thousands of picture snapping tourists.

The Grand Adventure

Many travellers start their journeys unknowing of what is ahead of them, and long for an experience that fulfils all outlandish desires of exploration. Western Australia is so vast that the sensation of “hitting the road” with thousands of mile yet to be seen is the true feeling of adventure and becomes a testament of outlandish personalities.

With such a small population and miles of landscapes full with attractions, it is then little wonder that family run tour companies like West Coast Cruiser are so passionate about taking travellers on an adventure of a life time in the county they call home.

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