Go North For The Winter – Exploring Western Australia With One Travel Pass

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One ticket to the wonders of Western Australia – explore WA from April to August with a Hop-on Hop-off pass.

If you’re planning any travels through Western Australia over the coming months then you’ll be pleased to know that thanks to WA’s temperate climate, you can still catch a few rays if you head north.

Where other well trodden backpacker routes in Australia slip into hoodies, jeans and cloudy skies, Western Australia’s massive expanse keeps the lights on all year round – especially if you head north from Perth.

From beaches to National Parks, WA offers so much to enjoy for the backpacker on a budget, and if you travel smart then you can save your pennies to make sure you don’t have to rough it too much when it comes to accommodation.

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With Integrity Coachline’s hop-on hop-off pass you can make the most of WA locations such as Exmouth, Coral Bay, Karijini National Park, Port Headland and even Broome over the next few months. As the more northerly locations are often slightly unbearable during the summer months, April – August makes for the perfect time to explore North West Australia.

Although WA is huge – being the largest State in Australia – the journey’s don’t need to be boring in between locations. The beauty of a hop-on hop-off pass is that you can explore other areas whilst making your way up north so you’ll get to see and experience much more. Travelling by coach also offers fantastic views rather than cheating and catching a two hour flight. Seeing it all from the ground along the gorgeous Indian Ocean Road will leave a lasting impression of your time in WA.

western australia travel deals

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