Western Australian Ningaloo Reef Bunbury Dolphins Margaret River

Western Australian Ningaloo Reef Bunbury Dolphins Margaret River
Dolphins are the most loved marine animal in Western Australia.

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Discovery & Interpretive Centre

Swim With The Dolphins

Margaret River Discovery Tour

Margaret River 3 Day Escape Package

8 Day Perth to Exmouth West Coast Trip One Way

Ningaloo Reef (Exmouth) Tour

Western Australian Ningaloo Reef Bunbury Dolphins Margaret River

Perth to Exmouth Tours Whale Sharks
Gentle giant migrate north and then back South each year.

With well over 25,000km of coastline, you might have guessed that Australia is a good bet for marine activities. Here’s are the top best ocean experiences for anyone who isn’t afraid to get wet.

Swim with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef Western Australia

Ever wanted to dive into the ocean with the world’s largest fish? Or to say you have, anyway? Head off to Western Australia and cruise through coral lagoons and snorkel the 260km Ningaloo Reef just off the coast of the Marine Park, home to 250 species of coral, and double the species of fish. Don’t forget to bring a camera to prove to your friends back home you swam alongside a fish as big as a bus. Western Australian Ningaloo Reef Bunbury Dolphins Margaret River and much more on the way.

Travel to Western Australia

Whale shark ningaloo

Swim with Dolphins in Bunbury

Visit Bunbury and Tour Geographe Bay

Dolphin tours take place between October and April.

Koombana Bay, just south of Perth, is one of the few places on the planet, and the one place in Oz, where you can swim with wild dolphins in the water, see them from a boat or spot them from the shoreline. Dolphin swim tours offer trips every day between October and April, offering an up-close-and-personal experience with the Bunbury bottlenoses. Just in case you didn’t like sharks.


Surf at Margaret River

Perth to Margaret River

So you’ve seen all the wildlife and now you want some action? Margaret River is southwest WA is widely recognized as one of the world’s top favorite surf hunting-grounds. There are over 40 top surf spots down the town’s coast, with everything from strong reef breaks to laid-back beach surf. And when you get tired? Margaret River also doubles up as one of the world’s favorite wine regions.

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Surfers Point Margaret River

Images courtesy of Great Barrier Reef Encounter, Chewb62, I. De Souza, Shark Cage Diving, Troy Mayne and Michael Spencer

By Sarah Morland

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