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Perth to Exmouth whale shark tour
Seasonal feeding aggregations occur at several coastal sites such as the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

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Whale Shark Season Exmouth March to August 2022
Whale shark season in Exmouth begins in March 2024. The Ningaloo Coast is a World Heritage Site located in the northwest coastal region of Western Australia. The 705,015-hectare (1,742,130-acre) heritage-listed area is approximately 1,200 kilometres (750 mi) north of Perth, along the East Indian Ocean.

Whale shark season in Exmouth.

UNESCO World Heritage Center Ningaloo Coast

Exmouth is known as Australia’s Whale Shark tourism hotspot. This town is on the doorstep of the world-famous Ningaloo Reef, where you can swim alongside whale sharks, manta rays, and humpback whales. As a result, it’s a fantastic place to visit, and any visitor will fall in love with the natural beauty that Ningaloo Reef offers.

It takes fifteen hours to drive from Perth to Exmouth. The Whale Shark season runs from early March through the end of July. As a result, the best months to visit Exmouth are between March and October. The months of April through July are ideal for snorkelling with whale sharks.

Whale sharks seen at Ningaloo Reef range from four to twelve meters. They traverse the world’s oceans in search of plankton concentrations to feed on, and the Ningaloo Reef is one of the areas where you may see them in significant numbers.

It is not only possible to swim with whale sharks, but there are other methods to interact with these magnificent creatures. On Ningaloo Reef, you may spend the day swimming with whale sharks, manta rays, and tropical fish, followed by a sunset sail, seafood dinner, and sleep by the sounds of the ocean on a luxury Catamaran.  

An Ocean and Soul Safari, a six-day guided yoga retreat, is also available. If you travel on a microlight over the reef, you can also see the whale sharks from above.

Exciting Whale Shark Tours

Confident swimmers can enjoy a day tour of snorkeling with these Whale Sharks. These tours depart daily during the season from both Exmouth and Coral Bay. The tours are full-day tours. The tours begin with a snorkel on the coral gardens of the Ningaloo Reef Lagoon. This tour offers the chance to see some extraordinary marine wildlife. Spotter planes head up to locate the whale sharks along the outer edge of Ningaloo Reef.

Whale Shark tours from Exmouth
The whale shark holds many records for size in the animal kingdom, most notably being the largest nonmammalian vertebrate. Image the result of how long a whale shark grows: these giant creatures can grow up to 39 feet long. But despite their size, whale sharks are often called “gentle giants.”

Guide provided

You will be provided with a guide informing you on how to safely and successfully swim with a Whale Shark.  A guide will always be in the water with you, and only ten people can snorkel with a whale shark at any given time. The length of your swim depends on regulations, the behaviour of the whale shark, the number of whale sharks in the area and your swim group’s fitness. When there are multiple whale sharks, you can do multiple swims with multiple whale sharks. The journey back to shore gives you the chance to spot humpback whales, manta rays, dugongs, and spinner dolphins and also if you wish you can do a quick snorkel over another gorgeous coral garden. 

All Whale Shark tour companies provide tour packages which are priced between $40 to $1300 depending on the type and number of swimmers. These Tour Packages include transfers from your accommodation, buffet lunches, refreshments, and all snorkelling gear. Wetsuits and prescription masks are available on request and should be mentioned at the time of booking.

No sighting policy

All whale shark tour companies follow a no-sighting policy, which means that if no whale sharks are sighted on your tour, you can go out on the next available day for free or book on a future date. All whale shark tour companies will have an underwater photographer or videographer onboard. Plan your trip and experience this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You are sure to end up with an ocean full of memories of your best holiday ever.

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Perth to Exmouth whale shark tour
Seasonal feeding aggregations occur at several coastal sites, such as the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia.

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