Whale Shark Season in Exmouth

Whale Shark Season in Exmouth

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The Ningaloo Region (Exmouth, Coral Bay and surrounds) is the eco-adventure capital of Western Australia.  The World Heritage listed Ningaloo coast, is an unforgettable part of Australia as it has extraordinary experiences for you!

The world’s biggest fish, the whale sharks, practice the ritual of annually visiting the Ningaloo Reef from March to September.

The once-in-a-lifetime opportunity could be yours as you swim alongside these gentle giants that feed on plankton.

To commemorate the ritual of the whale shark, the Ningaloo Whale Shark Festival will be held from May 24th to May 26th 2019.  This is a community event and the festival reflects the unique relationship between the community and the whale shark.

Types of Whales in Western Australia

  • Whale Sharks: 

Whale Sharks are found in the waters of the Ningaloo Reef, migrating between March and August.

  • Orca Whales:

Orca Whales, also reputed as the Dinosaurs of the Deep, are sighted in the Bremer Canyon, 5 hour South East journey away from Perth from January to March.  During the next three months they can be seen feeding on the krill at the Perth Canyon.

  • Pilot Whales:  

Pilot Whales are spotted at the Bremer Canyon too during January to March. They too move towards the Perth Canyon in search of food during March to May.

  • Sperm Whales:   

The Bremer Canyon is also the feeding ground for the Sperm Whales.  They are sighted here from January to March too. From March to May the Sperm Whales can be seen at the Perth Canyon.

  • Beaked Whales:   

The Beaked Whales too can be sighted at the Bremer Canyon during the period of January to March every year.   They too can be spotted at the Perth Canyon from March to May.

  • Blue Whales:   

The endangered Blue Whales are among the many that goes to feed on krill at the Perth Canyon.  They can be spotted here during March to May.

  • Humpback Whales: 

The endangered Humpback Whales pass through Broome and Exmouth Gulf as part of their migratory journey from August to October when they can be spotted.

Whale Shark Tours

Whale watching is the popular pastime around many locations in Western Australia.

Your options for the swim of your lifetime with the gentle giants are many.

At the beautiful Ningaloo Reef, a spotter plane looks for whale sharks and once spotted you can have many swims with the gentle whale sharks.  During their annual migration during the period from March to August, you can have this tour, for a cost from approximately US $ 220 to US $ 405.  A private whale shark swimming tour costs US $ 3677.

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