Whale shark tours to Exmouth this winter

Whale shark tours to Exmouth this winter

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The Whale Sharks the season begins soon. The likelihood of swimming with the whale sharks stands at 95 percent from late March to late July each year. Not only will you get to swim with the whale sharks, but also the manta rays, and the humpback whales as well. So this is a great destination to go on a trip from late March to October.

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Best possibility for interaction

Whale sharks will arrive around the mid-month of March that depends on the full moon and feeds until July or August. The highest possibility of interaction with these creatures is from April to July.

The whale sharks will come close to the reef during this time of the year. Manta rays are present in the reef throughout the year but are abundant during the months from May to September. Whale shark tours to Exmouth this winter.

Size of the Whale Sharks

Whale Sharks have the ability to grow up to 18 m in length and the mouth will have a width of over a meter. Ningaloo will see whale sharks with a length of 6 to 11 meters long. In locations like Mexico, whale sharks will only grow for two to six meters in length.

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Best times

If you are looking to avoid crowds, March, May, and June are the ideal months. Avoiding April would be a good idea as masses of tourists will come to experience the thrills. It again becomes busy in the month of July and becomes quiet at the end of July.


The region will consist of a tropical desert climate that is hot. April to September will have autumn and winter. During these months there will be pleasant temperatures in the range of 25 degrees Celsius.

Best place to experience the Whale sharks

Whale shark tours to Exmouth this winter. Exmouth can be a place to visit at any time of the year. Due to the world’s highest interaction rate with whale sharks, tourists can be guaranteed a successful swim with them. Ningaloo is also one of the only places in the world where these huge harmless fish can be reliably located and are in large aggregation.

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