What's on in Fremantle in February

What's on in Fremantle in February

What’s on in Fremantle in February

Fremantle hosts a wide variety of events around the year. Tourists and backpackers as well as the locals of the area are encouraged to experience some of these events and festivals in order to support the locals in different manners. Some of these events are as follows.

St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival

The most talked about event in the city of Fremantle, the Laneway Festival is ready for its commencement in 2019 as well. Experience the best live acts in the world leading you all through diverse new seminal music. Enjoy a full day of total transformation as you discover music and adventure in the Laneway festival.

Sunset Food Markets

A fun event organised during the summer season for the purpose of letting your hair down and enjoying yourself with other people in a social setting. Sample some great delicacies originated from different countries, listen to the live music at the event and make use of the pop-up bar which has been set up and enjoy your favourite drink. If you have kids, they will also be entertained at the market by face painting and other kids’ activities.

Sculpture at Bathers 

This is an event which takes place every two years. It’s an event which gives the opportunity for locals to display their talents in sculpting. More than 80 talented sculptors will unite in this setting to showcase their own personal talents to others. The objective of this event is to have a successful and unforgettable cultural awakening for the people of the area.


Mesmerising Australian performers of Perth join together in a combination of a traditional and contemporary dance theatre with live music. Enjoy yourself with some real music which will keep you entertained. The music is inspired from the ancient days, the present music as well as the music yet to come. A really unique experience.

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