What’s on in Joondalup in February 2019

What’s on in Joondalup in February 2019

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What’s on in Joondalup in February 2019

The coastline of Joondalup is breathtaking as are the locales of Yellagonga Regional Park and Hillary Boat Harbour.

Hillary Boat Harbour

The Hilary boat harbor is one of Western Australia’s award-winning tourist attractions. It offers day and nite time entertainment. It is also the home of AQWA which is the Aquarium of Western Australia. It has the largest underwater tunnel and aquarium in Australia.

Joondalup City Centre

Joondalup City center can be accessed via train from Perth’s Central Business District. The city center can be explored by foot or by Urbi bike. You can go for a stroll from Lakeside Joondalup Shopping city to the Joondalup city center while you enjoy independent retailers and alfresco cafes along the way.

Yellagoga Regional Park

The City of Joondalup is the home of the Yellagoga Regional Park. It is also called the Kings Park of the North. The park is famous for its historic site of Neil Hawkins Park and it is just a walk away from the Joondalup City Centre. Yellagoga can be said to be the best-hidden secret of Joondalup. Nature lovers will get a chance to walk through bushland which surrounds Lake Joondalup. The lake is the home of the black cockatoos, long-necked turtle, and kangaroos.

Mullaloo Beach

Mullaloo is a popular place for surfing and swimming. It is the ideal spot for all ages. You can take a refreshing dip in the Indian Ocean or laze on the soft white sand. You can even opt for a run, stroll or a bike ride on the beach that has paths connecting to neighboring beaches. Children will get a chance to play in playground facilities and parkland that overlook the beach.

Pinnaroo Point

This is an ideal spot for intermediate and expert kitesurfers during the day time and a great fishing spot during the night.

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