What's on in Perth February 2019

What’s on in Perth February 2019

What’s on in Perth / Experience Perth 

Western Australia’s local artists, as well as National and international artists, have found creativity in a landscape that is diverse and has a culture that is vibrant. The artistic scene created is also equally creative. As Perth and Western Australia have an inviting and balmy climate, many reputed artists have been lured from overseas to showcase their spectacular work against the incredible drop back. 

You can walk on the trails and witness the sculptures lit by the sunsets of the Indian Ocean. You can also enjoy theatres music, comedy, and films which are surrounded by vineyards in the iconic city skyline while you are in Perth.


You can visit the local markets in Perth to buy unique gifts, craft, and fresh local produce. You can find a lot of markets in and around Perth. You will get a chance to buy craft, art, and organic produce. Many of the successful businesses begin in Western Australia’s marketplaces and showcase their products in these markets.


If you are looking for theatre arts, there are many wonderful locations in Perth, where you can watch the latest productions in. You can enjoy in the outdoor charm of the Belvoir Theatre or the grandeur of His Majesty’s theatre on a temperate Perth night. You can catch the latest show is Regal and have a bite at the same time. The theatres that are located in Perth provide a wide range of productions, both in independent and mainstream produce. These theatres are located all over the Perth metropolitan area.


Arts, culture, and Heritage are important in the city of Perth. These are a valued component to life in the city and helps them to engage, challenge, excite and also surprise people. They will also help in reflecting on the unique cultural identity.

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