What’s on in West Perth in February 2019

What’s on in West Perth in February 2019
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What’s on in West Perth in February

Western Australian visitor centre

West Perth is located 2.2 km west of the Central Business District. It is the base location for someone who wants to visit the Capital of Western Australia. This location has been the home of movers and shakers of Western Australia’s gas, oil, and mining industries. The parliament house is situated on top of a hill next to the crown jewel of the city, the King’s Park, one of the most visited attractions in Australia.

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens is one of the largest inner-city parks in the world. The Park is made up of 400 hectares of Perth’s heart, that comprises of sculpted gardens and serene natural bushlands. It is located at the crest of Mount Eliza. Due to its top position, it is the ideal spot for taking the best panoramas of the Swan River and the Perth city skyline. This is the first park to be designated for public use in Australia way back in the year 1872. It is also home to the State Botanic Garden and State War memorial.

Law walk Kings Park

The Law walk is the parks premier bushland trail. It is a walk of 2.5 km that takes you through spectacular views of the Swan River and gives you a unique insight into the biodiversity of Mount Eliza. Visitors will observe flocks of birds that fly in formation over the swan river, dolphins frolicking, Yachts docked near Mathilda bay, and cockatoos feeding on Marri trees.

Barracks Archway

Barracks Archway was designed by Richard Jewell. It was built by convict labor in the 1860s. It was once a part of a military barrack which was situated on the west end of Perth. The Barracks Archway once housed the Enrolled Pensioner Guards and its families. The Military barracks were destroyed but the Archway still stands and sits near the Parliament House. It Is a landmark that can be easily accessed by a walk from the City Centre, or a ride on the free Central Area Transit Bus.

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