Where Can You Buy Drive-through Food and Alcohol In and Around Perth WA

    Where Can You Buy Drive-through Food and Alcohol In and Around Perth WA

    The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted nations’ economies as well as the domestic lives of thousands of people around the world. In an environment of lockdowns and quarantines, people find it hard to continue their day-to-day lives.  Here are some of the venues for the residents of Perth to turn to for their food and alcohol needs; 

    1. Liquor Barons Carlisle

    Enjoy your quarantine partying with the best of wine, beer, cider or spirit to suit your needs.  Get expert help to select a great wine to go with your food!  Now you can order your booze over the phone and pick it up from the drive-thru while staying safe from COVID-19.  

    For more information on this liquor store, please visit; www.liquorbaronscarlisle.com.au

    2. Oporto South Perth Drive Thru

    Indulge your taste buds with the succulent flame-grilled Portuguese Style Chicken and Original Chilli Sauce during your quarantine period.   Drive-thru for mouth-watering burgers, wraps & salads, chicken, bites & snacks, meal boxes, brekkie and desserts to the Oporto at South Perth.  

    For your pick-up food order, please visit; www.menulog.com.au/restaurants-oporto-south-perth/

    3. Nourish and Feed Drive Thru

    Nourish and feed at the Perth’s healthy drive-thru, the Nourish, and Feed Drive-Thru.  Grab some wholesome, fresh and tasty fast food on the go!  Delicious meals are made from scratch utilizing seasonal fruits, vegetables, grain, and dairy products to give you access to healthy fast food.  

    For more information, please visit; www.nourishandfeed.com.au

    4. BWS Captain Stirling Drive

    Perfect for stopping in to pick up a wine to go with your dinner or a case of beer to watch the football!  Now order online to pick up your favorite liquor choices within 1 hour, and stay safe inside your vehicle.  With over 1,300 locations around Australia, BWS is just around the corner!

    For more information on the specials and pick up information, please visit; bws.com.au/storelocator