Ways to Write Social Media Content to Get More Likes and Shares

Ways to Write Social Media Content

There are many guides about how to become popular on social media. They can all be different, but there is one thing that they claim in common – creating a strong, unique, and interesting content. Without it all other tricks and hacks will not work however hard you try. High-quality content that entertains, educates or informs is what users are looking for on the internet. And if they find one, you can be sure that your profile will be noticed online. Here we want to share with you how to nail the production of good content and make yourself famous. 


It is important to know what you are talking about. So you have to choose a niche for your blog, make a list of the themes that will be your locomotive, and then stick to it at all times. It is much easier to produce content if you are sure about it. Yes, it is obvious that you cannot remember everything, but you always have to know where to find the information that you need. 

Also, you should always rely on serious resources and back your opinions up by references you consider trustworthy, especially if you are squeezing in the sphere of health, beauty, and fitness. In case if your blog highlights these topics, you should be regarding your personal experience in collaboration with specialists as well. Also, adding some recognized names to your blog will definitely help you to gross more likes and gain reputation points. 


The first and hardest step is just to begin creating. You should not fear the critique, but you must learn to define whether it is a piece of friendly advice or just trolling. People who are mocking you should be banned at once, to preserve a positive online experience. A good blog has to roll out posts consistently, so you have to prepare a few pieces of content that will fulfill your needs for posting. 

And start uploading your work to your social media profiles at once, as this is the only way to leap forward. In order to make your first posts noticed and appreciated by people, you can invest a little bit into paid service. For example, you can buy 30 Instagram likes on buytoplikes.com. This can be done to attract users, as they tend to think that a post that has more likes has more value in it. 


Yep. Even though social platforms offer us informal types of communication, you have to be friends with grammar. Think of it as a sign of your professionalism. When users see that you paid attention to the grammar aspects of your content, they feel that you care about them. Thus, they will be willing to leave “like” much more, than if they see lots of errors or misuse of words. After all, grammar is not only about proper writing. It helps to build your text and make it easy and pleasant for reading.  Here are the key things to remember:

  • Always proofread your texts twice. Or even three times. Without proofreading, you can miss out on small errors, or inappropriate phrases. Proofreading also helps to eliminate all stuff that seemed fine at first. 
  • Use online or offline tools. In the twenty-first century there is no need to keep the latest edition of the Oxford Dictionary at home. Some of them are paid, some are free to use. But these tools, like Grammarly,  will make the process of proofreading a 5-minute work. 
  • Read your text aloud. It helps you to see your work from another angle. This technique helps to improve your writing skills, as your brain is forced to check the work from a different perspective. 


It doesn’t mean that you have to spread rainbows and glitter upon your audience in every single post you upload. Being positive is not equal to being happy. But you must learn to write your texts considering diversity, freedom, and good manners. Your task as an author and influencer, to engage your followers into a healthy discussion. Online communication turns easily into a high-school hell of bullying on any platform you may use. To avoid that, always check that your works are showing your objective attitude, and any critique is objective. Don’t use topics that you are not sure you know well, to create a hype. You can end up with the waves of negative replies and inappropriate behavior, which leads to bad statistics for your profile. 


Promotion on social platforms requires a perfect mix of text and image. To get more likes and shares,  you have to make it work as a complex. Visual content like photos and videos, is more popular and engaging because they make the reception of the information quicker and brighter, than a text alone. 

The percentage of text and images, however, depends on the niche that you want to occupy, and on the choice of social platform as well. For Instagram and Twitter, those would be practically opposite. 

But the fast development of video features that allow you to stream content live, it is a sure thing that you have to produce more content of this type. Besides, the narrative format of the video (like Instagram Stories) is proved to be one of the most preferred among users, mainly because it gives them a feeling of being involved. 


There are endless ways to improve your content for social media. But the most important thing is to keep it personal. Be sincere with your followers. Don’t change your personality, looks or habits just because someone said so on the Internet. But always keep in mind, that every grammatical error will be noticed and delivered to you by your readers. Good luck!