We Chat With Cade Ahead Of Ultra Europe

We Chat With Cade Ahead Of Ultra Europe

Can you please intro yourself in a few words and tell us who you are by day and who you are by night?

I’m a 22 year-old who’s obsessed with expressing myself with art. By day I’m a laidback songwriter. By night, I’m a hyped up performer bringing energy to the club.pr

How’s the start of the European summer festival/clubbing season going for you? Is it too early to ask for highlights?

Its a bit too early, but I’m about to head out on tour this July! We’ll be performing all around the world, including We The Fest in Jakarta, Sherbeach Festival in Sherbrooke, QC, and Ultra Europe with Cheat Codes.

Can you tell us a little about where you live? What’s the clubbing/electronic music scene like?

I live in Los Angeles! The club scene in Hollywood is awesome. You can go out to a great club on any given night here and have a great time. A lot of Hollywood’s clubs play hip hop/rap but their underground / techno scene has really started to take over lately!

Can you recommend any clubs/bars?

I love HYDE, Warwick, and Liasion. On Sunday’s they throw this dope party called Deep Space at Le Jardin with the best house music.

Do you have a favourite restaurant or cafe?

My favorite LA restaurant would have to be Mastro’s in Malibu. The restaurant sits on the beach, and the food is to die for.

Where’s the best place to party during the day? Do you have any good day clubs or annual festivals?

My favorite day club is Le Jardin or Liasion when they throw Deep Space day parties. As far as festivals, my favorite has always been Ultra back in Miami, Florida.

Do you currently hold any residencies? Can you tell us more about that?

Currently I don’t, but I’m consistently in Vegas performing at KAOS Day & Nightclub with my friends in Cheat Codes, who have a residency there. I look forward to hopefully locking in a residency there as well. 

Where else will you be playing this summer in Europe? What are you most looking forward to?

I’ll be coming to Croatia for the first time this summer which I’m so excited about. I’ll be performing as a guest of Cheat Codes during Ultra Europe on the main stage. That’s gonna be crazy. Outside of Europe I can’t wait to perform at We The Fest this summer in Asia. I played Bali and Jakarta last year and it was an awesome experience.

Can you give us three recommendations for clubs or festivals our readers should visit this year?

1) Lollapalooza – Chicago, IL has always been a favorite of mine with it being right in the heart of the city.

2) E1even Nightclub in Miami is a next-level experience every time.

3) EDC – Las Vegas – Hands down the biggest and best as far as dance festivals go. Can’t forget about Ultra Miami though 

Anything else you would like to add/plug?

I just dropped my new single featuring Desiigner called ‘Home To You’ and it’s out worldwide. Also be on the lookout for my upcoming EP, WOLF BLUE, which is coming soon to Spotify and Apple Music.